Friday, 4/7

11:52 p.m.- Public Safety responded to a complaint about an intoxicated male on the road offering motorists money for a ride back to Regis. The individual was found by the library and was safely taken back to his residence hall after the incident was documented.


Saturday, 4/8

1:22 a.m.- Residence Life dispersed a large gathering at Townhouse 4 block when a young man who didn’t reside there was shouting profanities at both ResLife and Public Safety. He was written up and will be referred to student conduct.

3:40 p.m.- Clothes were reportedly taken from the Kostka laundry room sometime on Friday, April 7.


Sunday, 4/9

2:03 a.m.- An individual broke the glass on a window pane of the east side entry door of Gonzaga Hall. The suspects were identified and have since become uncooperative with the investigation and thus were referred to student conduct for vandalism.

9:12 a.m.- A stop sign was stolen from McInnes Road. The matter is still under investigation.

2:09 p.m.- A pair of Bean Boots were stolen from Gonzaga Hall. Investigation concluded that a non-student was lead into the building by a resident who stole a variety of footwear outside of students’ rooms. The footwear has since been recovered and the student involved has been referred to student conduct. The non-student was issued a criminal trespass warning.

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