Pizza is a universal truth that everyone can understand. It spans the world in all different variations and, even at its worst, it’s still pretty good. In the spirit of pizza lovers all around the globe, the Fairfield University Student Association hosted its first ever Pizza Face-Off.

Held on Thursday, April 5 at the Daniel and Grace Tully Dining Commons, three teams went head to head on creating their own designer pizzas and let a student vote decide the winner. The votes were conducted by students placing a token in the bucket for the pizza that they thought was best, with the winner being tallied at the end of the night.

In order to create this event, FUSA partnered with Sodexo and Fairfield Dining. Because of their involvement, two of the three teams involved were “FUSA” led teams. Current president and vice president Cara Gibbons ‘18 and Molly Strang ‘18 comprised one of the teams, while president and vice president elect Danielle Rice ’19 and Matthew Marshall ’19 made up the other.

The third team consisted of two student athletes, Tim Johnston ’18, club officer of the Fairfield University rugby team, and field hockey player Jamie Appleberg ’18.

The main event for the night was for each team to create their own individual pizza. Once a recipe was decided on, the pizza would then be made throughout the night and served to students in the dining commons. Each of the teams then dispersed throughout The Tully attempting to convince students to try their pizza, with the ultimate goal in mind of getting their vote for best recipe.

“I thought it was really great to see Sodexo and students collaborating” commented Brendan Hunt ‘18.

After over 340 students had casted their votes, Marshall and Rice were deemed the winners for their buffalo chicken pizza. Gibbons and Strang came in at a close second for their basil sausage pie, with Johnston and Appleberg placing third for their ricotta and mozzarella pizza.

“The highlight was definitely winning and getting our name on a trophy that will be featured in The Tully,” commented pizza contest winner Marshall.

Because of the positive student reception, FUSA is looking to make the Pizza Face-Off an annual event.

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