The Fairfield University Student Association Senate discussed the lack of school spirit in the undergraduate student body at their bi-weekly senate meeting on Wednesday March 2.

The topic arose from a resolution that was proposed at the meeting by senators Steven Penna ‘17 and Matthew Parenti ‘17 that would create a joint committee for the purpose of addressing concerns regarding school spirit on campus.

The resolution would be a committee called the Student Pride Committee, and would include three members from the Student Life Committee and three members from the Academic Committee.

For Parenti, the main goal of this committee will be to provide more events for the student body to build a stronger community.

Penna added that this committee is not just about increasing the number of students that attend athletic events on campus, but also other events held on campus, such as Glee concerts and plays held at the Regina A. Quick Center for the Arts.

Senior Class President Matthew Rotondaro felt that it is unnecessary to create a separate committee to complete this mission, saying that this issue should be resolved by the Student Life Committee. He argued that adding new committees isn’t always a good thing, as “more committees doesn’t necessarily mean more is getting done.”

However, Penna mentioned that since the lack of school spirit on campus directly impacts the retention rate at the University, this issue is also a concern of the Academic Committee.

Parenti closed the discussion on this resolution by adding that the issue of school spirit is so pertinent, especially regarding recent events on campus that have, in his opinion, weakened our community, that it’s necessary for this issue to have a committee all to itself.

The senate voted in favor of this resolution and in creating a Student Pride Committee.

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