The results are in, and your Fairfield University Student Association president and vice president are   Cara Gibbons ‘18 and Molly Strang ‘18. On the night of Tuesday, Feb. 28, the official winners of the election were announced at the annual FUSA presidential election party at The Levee. Gibbons and Strang reacted with joy to the announcement, which was made by Chief Justice of FUSA Court Matthew Parenti ‘17.

“I am so excited,” said Strang, “as a first year, I never would have thought I would be vice president of the undergraduate student body.”

Gibbons and Strang spoke on their goals for the coming year.

As the student body president, I will strive to build a welcoming community where individuals gain a sense of belonging,” said Gibbons. “Through the variety of clubs and organizations on campus and within the greater Fairfield area, I want the Stags to continue to enhance the support of each other’s endeavors.” She also encouraged questions and comments from fellow students, emphasizing her understanding of college life.

Sophomore Marie McGann, who attended the election party at the Levee, expressed her confidence in the new leaders of FUSA.

“I think they are very well-rounded individuals who have great morals, and I think they will do a great job at leading this school and making good improvements for the students,” she said.

FUSA President Zoë Ferranti ‘17 expressed a similar confidence.

“I am very confident in both Cara and Molly’s abilities. I think that they are incredible campus leaders and I think that no one opposed them because they knew their capabilities were amazing,” said Ferranti.

Strang expressed her hope that she and Gibbons will be seen as approachable by the rest of the student body.

Gibbons believe that her experience in FUSA has prepared her for the role of president.

“Over the last three years I have had the pleasure of contributing to the improvement of the student experience here at Fairfield,” said Gibbons. “My dedication to FUSA has become more than just tasks and responsibilities, it has become a commitment to my fellow students.”

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