United Kingdom – The death toll after the Grenfell Tower fire has risen to 79. The 24-story apartment tower went up in flames on Wednesday, June 14 in West London. The flammable material used for the cladding of the building is banned in both Europe and the United States. The Grenfell Tower building regulations are now under investigation.

Russia – Russia warns the United States-led coalition fighting in Syria that it will be tracked by Russian anti-aircraft forces in both the sky and the ground and treated as targets. A statement was released by the Russian defence ministry after the U.S. shot down a Syrian military plan on Sunday, June 18.

United Kingdom – In London, a van drove into a crowd by a mosque early on June 19. The attack injured 10 people. According to the police, all the victims were Muslims. This is the third incident that involved a vehicle being driven into a crowd in the city.

France – In Paris, a motorist crashed his car into a police convoy. The attacker was pulled out of the car. Investigators found more weapons and explosives inside the vehicle. They believe it was a terrorist attack due to the amount of gas canisters that didn’t explode. The French authorities have not named the dead suspect but he was known to the police.

United States – Otto Frederick Warmbier passed away six days after he was released from imprisonment in North Korea. The 22-year-old arrived in Cincinnati on June 13 after being held in prison in North Korea for 18 months. He was returned in a coma after a result of sleeping pills and toxins. He was held in prison for stealing a political propaganda poster.

Portugal – Portugal’s deadliest forest fire continues to burn the districts of Leiria and Castelo Branca. The fire started Saturday, June 16 and killed 63 and injured 70. Portugal media outlets blame a lack of coordination between services in charge of fire prevention and firefighting and poor forestry reserve planning.

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