Commuter students came back after winter break to find the molding carpet of the commuter lounge had been replaced. This comes four months after the Sept. 25 flood which lead to standing water on the floor of the commuter lounge.

Charles Sousa, senior associate director of housing operations, confirmed that the carpet was replaced over winter break. This was done after repairs to the leaking green roof above the commuter lounge were initiated. “They are doing temporary repairs, until they whole roof can be replaced this summer,” explained Sousa.

The patch of exposed piping near the ceiling has also been repaired.

Sousa added, “We are waiting to have the wallpaper installed to complete the wall repairs.”

Commuter students feel that the repairs were not completed in a timely fashion.

It’s annoying how this place [commuter lounge] is treated. Had it been anywhere else on campus the issue would have been fixed right away,” said commuter student Matthew Waldemar ‘20, “A lot of people complained and it took so long to move up the chain.”

The Fairfield University Student Association passed a resolution last semester recognizing the extent of the damage to the lounge and promising to advocate for repairs.

The resolution came 65 days after the initial flooding and some students still feel as if they have been hung out to dry: “I am a student here too, where is my support?” asked Waldemar.


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