What connection does the Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice-President of NBC Television Stations have to Fairfield University? She’s an alumna.

Patricia E. Hutton, ’86, spoke on Tuesday at the Beta Gamma Sigma induction ceremony. Beta Gamma Sigma is the Business Honor Society for all accredited business schools over the United States.

Hutton has been working for General Electric- NBC is one of its subsidiaries-since she graduated.

“I got the job at General Electric from the career services,” said Hutton.

In October 2002, she got her current job at NBC Television in New York after working with GE on numerous other jobs. She is responsible for supervising the 14 domestic television stations owned by NBC. She has loved her time at GE.

“GE is a great company,” said Hutton.

She began her speech with a promotional video on GE. After the video, she gave her prepared speech.

She gave a brief overview of her career of being an auditor, working in the manufacturing parts of GE, and as a financial officer. She’s been in the business for 17 years.

After her overview, Hutton gave tips on how to have a successful career. She stressed the importance of hard work, teamwork, being the best you can be, and the ability to adjust to changing job situations.

She also praised how much her education at Fairfield has assisted her with her career. She believes that the Jesuit values taught have helped her, especially the value of integrity.

“Fairfield University’s commitment to

development laid the foundation for my success in life,” said Hutton.

After her speech, Hutton received an honoree award from Dr. Norman Solomon, the dean of the School of Business. The students in attendance enjoyed her speech.

“She showed us how practicing the values of Beta Gamma Sigma leads to a dynamic and rewarding business career,” said James P. Allwein, ’04, who was inducted in the ceremony that followed Hutton’s speech.

Professor Suzanne Lyngaas and Dr. Mark Ligas, the faculty officers of Beta Gamma Sigma, opened the night with a brief welcome where they thanked all the inductees and their family and friends, and faculty members that attended.

They also thanked Dr. Orin Grossman, academic vice president, Mary Francis Malone, associate academic vice president and Bill Lucas, vice president of Finance for attending.

The induction ceremony wasn’t very long. Lyngaas, Ligas and Briane Beirne, a member of Beta Gamma Sigma, explained the basic tenets of the society.

Then all of the inductees accepted the pledge of Beta Gamma Sigma and received their keys signifying their membership. A reception followed the ceremony.

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