No Clam Jam, so what are we going to do with ourselves? Well, to be completely honest, there hasn’t been a Clam Jam in three years, so although everyone wishes it would just come back, I think we’ve all accepted the reality that it is a thing of the past. Sadly, we are accustomed to life without that special event.

If nothing else, four years at Fairfield have taught me that you don’t need to be at every single party, and that you can miss a night with friends once in a while. So, I’m taking this whirlwind of a road trip tomorrow with my bud from home to see a friend’s fashion show at Marist. That, to me, is more important and memorable than any typical Friday here.

If someone asked me sophomore year if I thought I’d miss part of this big weekend my senior year, I would have laughed in his face. But a mere two years later, and all my priorities have changed.

Don’t get me wrong-I am very much looking forward to Saturday on campus, it will, I hope, be a day full of good weather and good times. But before I even think about it, we’re off to the zoo in the morning for a class trip!

So, you might be at a loss in regards to how to spend the notorious Clam Jam weekend without Clam Jam itself. I say keep busy, and be sure not to focus on what once was, but instead on what is going on right now. It’s not worth it.

I personally haven’t been so excited for a weekend in a long time.

Oh, and although finals may be rapidly approaching, just forget about them for this weekend. Eh, at least during Friday and Saturday. I mean, finals don’t start until the end of next week-you’ll definitely get it all done.

Seniors, I have an idea for the weekend: just forget it all, all the junk, make a list of everything you want to do before graduation, and start checking things off immediately.

This is a good time to start doing that, so although there won’t be Clam Jam, you can definitely still find ways to fill up the weekend.

My brother’s philosophy works perfectly with how to solve this weekend’s sentiments. “I make my own fun!”

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