The Lower Level of the Barone Campus Center was alight with movement the evening of Friday, March 2 as students gathered for Fairfield United’s third annual Culture, Fashion and Talent Showcase. Otherwise known as Culture Fest, the event transformed the LLBCC into a evening of food, fun and music from cultures all around the world.

The fashion portion of the event allowed for cultural clubs across campus to showcase what they stand for. The Distinguished Gentleman’s Club wore formal attire and carried a flag that represented a country of origin for their family. The Black Student Union dressed in all black to symbolize the Black Panther movement, raising their fists in the air as a symbol of their fight against police brutality toward African Americans. The Fairfield Alliance dressed in LGBT+ movement colors that represented different parts of the community such as the representative colors of genderqueer, and the Muslim Student Association sported their own cultural wear from countries such as India and Iran.

“My favorite part of the cultural fashion and talent show was when the students walked down the stairs wearing their traditional attire. You could see on their faces how happy and proud they were to display it,” said Liam Fama ‘18.

The talent portion of the showcase included multiple exciting dance routines, poetry and even a flute performance by 40 McCormick Rd. Area Coordinator Sonya Alexander. Members of Performing for Change performed spoken poetry on sexuality and Remixx had the whole room dancing to their hip-hop performance.

Junior Kayla Craig, PFC director, emphasized the importance of diversity at the event, “[PFC] wanted to be a part of it because it’s an event that highlights diversity on campus, which is also what PFC as a group tries to do.”

The event was hosted by two comedic students, one being Patrick Setiadi ‘20, a theater major who had the whole room laughing and clapping with him throughout the entire evening. “I’m loving tonight. The food is fire but I think the audience is what makes it. I’ll definitely come back next year,” said Setiadi.

Gift cards to Chipotle, Dominoes, The Fairfield Bookstore and more were raffled off during the intermission of the show. At the end of the night, many students congregated to dance and talk with one another even after it was all over. The room was electric as students gathered for one final dance together, all cheering each other on.

Program Coordinator of Student Diversity and Multicultural Affairs, Jasmine Raghunandan ‘17 said, “The Office of Student Diversity loves putting on these events for you. We’re going to have a whole thing for Women’s Appreciation Month, and a whole thing for Asian Pacific Heritage month which is in April, hint hint.”

The Office of Student Diversity and Multicultural Affairs hosts a plethora of events such as this one. With March being Women’s Appreciation Month, they will be sponsoring events such as Riddle Me This, in which there will be themed riddles and games entitled, “What is Intersectional Feminism?” Women’s Day Fair and a screening of the award winning film, “Hidden Figures.”

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