For students living in the Dolan Commons, the walk to class can be very tedious. These students must face bitter winds, long routes and potholes that further inhibit the oftentimes arduous walk to class.

For this reason, Dolan residents have been given the opportunity to ride the Stag bus from Dolan to the Barone Campus Center. Now, students have a safe, dry and reliable way to arrive at class.

By this point in the semester, many Dolan residents have taken advantage of the Dolan bus route.

One such student, Kira Delia ‘16, feels that the Dolan bus route is very advantageous in her day-to-day life on campus.

“I’ve used it as often as I can. Probably at least three times a week. It makes the commute so much easier,” stated Delia.

Junior Cristina Boyle agrees, saying, “It’s very convenient especially on days when there’s bad weather. It was a great decision by the university.”

Not only do students feel that the Dolan bus route helps them avoid the cold weather, but it also helps “especially when you’re in a pinch to get somewhere on campus,” said Taylor Rosello ‘16.

This new route is not only an asset to Dolan residents, but it is also beneficial to students on campus, according to Myles Golymbieski-Rey ‘16. “I didn’t go to the health center before, even if I was sick, because it was really out of the way,” stated Golymbieski-Rey.  “But the Dolan route makes it easier to get there when I need to.”

However, other students recognize the harmful effects that the Dolan bus route may have on the campus.

According to Matt Caminiti ‘16, “we need to think of our impact on the world. Even though this bus may not be a big deal in a smaller scheme, transportation may cause a lot of pollution issues.

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