When it comes to studying for final exams, most students automatically assume the library is the best place to go, but others have a different strategy.

“I don’t tell people about it, it’s my secret study place,” joked Charlie Morrill ‘17.

Morrill, a Math major, takes his work to the top floor of Bannow Science Center and on a snowy Monday night sits alone doing a group project. He explained a senior tipped him off about the fourth floor being a good place to study, and he’s been going there to do work ever since.

“The library is too quiet. I like it here because there is white noise in the background,” said Morrill.

For students who work better outside of absolute silence, the top floor of Bannow might be a new go-to spot. Unlike the library’s silent floors, the fourth floor of Bannow is ideal for group work and study.

Students who enjoy the silence but not the hectic environment of the library during finals week need not fret. Few have considered Egan Chapel as anything more than a place to worship on Sundays or say a quick prayer between classes, but the bottom floor makes a perfect study spot.

The chapel is uncrowded and normally has free snacks and Keurig access in the kitchen. A favorite aspect of studying in the chapel for Emily Bower ‘14 is it never closes.

“I’m a late night studier, so unlike the library that usually closes at 12, I can stay here studying as late as I want,” said Bower. She explained that usually around midnight a public safety officer will come around to check if anyones still there, and then tell the student to call when they leave so DPS can lock the building.

For students who prefer a semi-quiet setting with natural light and scenery, the mezzanine is another place to consider. Freshman Nicole Colasuonno explained she doesn’t like the library and is tempted to fall asleep if she studies in her room.

“Its easier to focus here and its a nice change of scenery from my dorm room where I am all the time,” Colasuonno explained.

The end of the semester tends to mean abundant group presentations. Most college students are aware that one of the hardest things about group assignments is finding a location to meet. The Lower Level Barone Campus Center is another adequate group-work environment. Set up with small tables surrounded by comfy chairs, John Webber ‘17 explained all of his group members can easily collaborate and talk comfortably, unlike the library where you might get dirty looks for being too loud.

Although campus offers a diverse selection of study spots, some students enjoy the traditional experience of studying at the library.

“I like to study at the library rather than any other place because it is a positive environment. Although you can be distracted by your friends, it makes you feel comfortable and energetic that everyone is studying together. It is a place to manage your stress,” said Daniella Rinaldo ‘14.

As finals season approaches, be confident that no matter how you prefer to study, Fairfield will provide an environment for every students’ needs.

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