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Fairfield University students anxiously looked forward to the Super Bowl XLVI. The game gave many students an opportunity to root for their favorite football team as well as stumble upon some interesting commercials.

Super Bowl XLVI could not have been more exciting for the students of Fairfield University. Due to the location of our school, there seemed to be an even split between the New York Giant fans and the New England Patriot fans. The Giants won the game 21-17 and became Super Bowl Champions for the second time in four years.

Prior to Sunday, it was clear that most students were looking forward to the game itself rather than the commercials in hopes to gain bragging rights over their friends. The weekend showed no shortage of Eli Manning or Tom Brady jerseys worn around campus, and on Sunday students piled into townhouses and apartments on campus to watch the rivalry.

Although most of the focus seemed to be concentrated on the game, some students not from nearby areas may have been more interested in the commercials.

In recent years the Super Bowl commercials could be described as forgettable and received sub-par reviews. This year according to television executives the ads cost $3.5 million for 30 seconds of air time. With the price of air time so high and several projected viewers, expectations may have been a little higher, but the early releases of many of the ads undeniably ruined the surprise.

With no element of surprise, the auto companies seemed to spend the most money on a similar commercial theme. Chrysler cast Clint Eastwood, Honda used Matthew Broderick and Acura starred Jerry Seinfeld -all of whom are widely known and well-liked actors. These three commercials must have been expensive, but without a doubt left viewers talking about more than just the game.

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