With a 4.3 million dollar budget deficit, there are bound to be questions as to how our money is being spent.

But don’t expect any answers any time soon.

With layoffs at the Quick Center, a brand new bookstore opening and the deficit itself, we at the Mirror have found two things: we’ve had to travel through a sea of bureaucracy every time we have a question, and more times than not we don’t get an answer.

And it’s only adding insult to injury when they don’t even deny the fact that they are withholding information from us.

For those of us who have taken Dr. Simon’s news writing class, we all remember Jim Fitzpatrick, assistant vice president of student affairs, and his involvement in the lesson on interviewing. In a faux interview, he essentially showed us how good he is at answering a question without actually… answering the question.

Jim, how about we keep that skill within the confines of a classroom. We learn interviewing skills to deal with scandals, conspiracies and controversies. These are not things we expect of a Jesuit university.

And we all know the ridiculous amount of money we pay to go here.

It would be ignorant to criticize a public relations official for doing their job, which is to present information regarding their employer in the best light possible. Sometimes, this might include not presenting that information at all.

However, when this information is demanded outright by those who are directly affected by the event in question, it is an obligation to disclose this material. In addition, we are the ones paying their salaries. So how can the administration withhold such important information from us?

Time to start showing some transparency, Fairfield. You’re dangerously close to resembling our current government.

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