Looking for a way to get into the Christmas spirit this year? There’s no better way than to embrace the true spirit of Christmas: giving back. The “A Berry Royal Christmas” special embodies this as a Christmas charity TV special with former “Great British Baking Show” host Mary Berry, and the beloved royal couple, Kate Middleton and Prince William. 

The show is set to air on BBC on Monday, Dec. 16 at 8:30 p.m., where Berry and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will get involved with many charitable organizations. The royal couple and British baker work together in four different events to give back during this year’s holiday season. 

According to a @kensingtonroyal Instagram post, Berry, Duchess Kate and Prince William will first team up with former “Bake Off” champion Nadiya Hussain to make delicious food for a feast for the many volunteers and staffers of charitable groups that dedicate their time to helping others during the holidays. What a great way to make a difference this holiday season by giving back to the people who give to others! People who spend their holidays helping people who are not as fortunate deserve to be recognized too. 

Next in the holiday special, Duchess Kate will show Berry some of the work she has been doing with kids over the last eight years. According to People, the Duchess takes Berry to Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) Wisley to see her third “Back to Nature” garden design. These gardens are a part of the Duchess’ campaign to encourage kids to play outside more to promote health and happiness. Airing this on the Christmas special will give great exposure to such an important cause, and maybe encourage some kids to go out and play in the snow!

The Duke and Berry will then visit The Passage charity in London, which has helped over 130,000 homeless people with their resource center, homeless prevention projects and accommodation services, according to the Instagram post. I can imagine the holidays is one of the most difficult times for individuals and families who don’t have a home to celebrate in, so it is amazing that a group helping with this is getting exposure on the Christmas special. Prince William described that it is important for him to give to people in need from the example that his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, and parents Prince Charles and Princess Diana set for him since childhood. 

The fourth feature on the Christmas special will show the Duchess and Berry’s visit to the U.K.’s first ever “dry bar,” established by the charity Action on Addiction which has helped many people struggling with addiction. The holidays can be a hard time for anyone suffering from addiction, and having this charity featured on the Christmas special will show addicts a place where they belong and will make them feel safe and recognized. 

Although Christmas is a time for celebration, gifts, family and food, it is also a time for giving. Some don’t have a home to celebrate in, some are suffering from addictions, and many others are struggling through many different hardships. This Christmas special sets a perfect example for the millions who will watch to think of people in need and participate in charitable causes. The show also gives exposure to great causes to donate to or help with over the holidays. It is crucial that we remember those who are less fortunate during this time of year and give back in any way that we can to make the holidays special for everyone.

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