Loan has asked Luigi to bring her a cup of hot chocolate down from the Main Dining Room consistently for weeks. A new table for the sweet treat with toppings is just another tool for us to get through the crunch of working under Tuesday night deadline.

Barone’s grilled chicken isn’t dry or pink anymore. The salad bar offers mixed greens — not just iceberg. Food isn’t running out like it used to. The servery is active more hours. The list of improvements goes on and is beyond comforting for us as we endure the cold’s lasting grip. Education for an Inspired Life starts at the stomach and we applaud Sodexo for improving their work for our campus.

We know that our gratitude accurately reflects a greater student sentiment because of the positive social media commentary that has flowed in. The favorite tweets display has made the conversation between the student body and the staff as transparent as possible. Love it.

We suspect that the food service contract being up for bid is an added incentive for the dining scene improvements. We have seen that student input has been heard and honored. As the bidding process progresses, our dearest hope is that the changes for the better are here to stay.

If Sodexo is granted another 10 years of service here, the service throughout should reflect the performance that would have earned them a contract renewal. To fully endorse Sodexo right now would be premature, considering the lack of experience we have had with other companies vying for the contract.

The idea of a different company serving us demands consideration of possible staff changes. Our campus community and the Sodexo staff have built a relationship. The staff overall is courteous and friendly — even accommodating from what we have seen. We do not know who will be in the kitchens and behind the counters next year, but the way they conduct themselves is also of the utmost importance.

As always, our thoughts are with the dedicated workers who have an uncertain future on this campus. Hot food doesn’t go down well without a warm staff.

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