Fairfield’s student body has a long-standing reputation for being passive and apathetic, with regard to politics and global issues. The Mirror has commented on this time and time again.

However, in light of the multiple noteworthy student activism ventures and voluntary involvement in social efforts, this reputation might need a rewrite.

Fairfield students are proving that they are indeed willing to contribute to change and dedicate their time to making a difference.

This past Saturday, nearly 60 Fairfield students participated in an anti-war protest in New York City, one of many marches nationwide with tens of thousands of participants.

Among the crowds, Fairfield’s own student activists gained national coverage for their provocative signs and vocal calls for peace.

It is refreshing to see students who are taking their education beyond the confines of the classroom and using it to instill long-lasting change.

This sort of action is aligned with the primary goal of the University’s strategic plan: integrating learning inside the classroom with experience outside the classroom.

The high number of Fulbright recipients from Fairfield goes on to prove that this learning mentality does not stop upon graduation.

This impressive number of award winners distinguish Fairfield from other institutions, tangible evidence of its commitment to fostering post-graduate education.

Credit should and must also be given to the student activists and Fulbright hopefuls themselves, who are taking the initiative to use their individual knowledge to encourage and evoke global awareness.

Accolades must also go to the faculty and administration who support and guide such efforts.

Such efforts remind others that students are viable, active members of society who are capable of creating change if their intellect and abilities are put toward developing constructive efforts and subsequent solutions.

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