Election Day is quickly approaching; it is just shy of three weeks away. A common question has been lingering in the back of Americans’ minds: will President Donald Trump win the 2020 election? Where the polls are at right now, former Vice President Joe Biden is in the lead with 54 percent and Trump is not too far behind him with 42 percent. 

Many, including myself, are excited to see if President Trump will have the same success as he did back in the 2016 election. We see a very similar situation with this year’s election as we did with the 2016 election. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ran against President Trump for the 45th spot as President of the United States. In the end of that year’s election, Hilary Clinton had won the popular vote over her competitor, but President Trump succeeded in winning the vote of the electoral college. This came as a great shock to me, and led me to consider how deceiving the polls can be during an election, as the decision of who will serve as our country’s president is ultimately up to the electoral college. 

President Trump’s win in 2016 came as a shock to most Americans. Many believed Clinton would have won the election, as she was in the lead for the popular vote. President Trump’s victory reminded Americans, myself included, that the popular vote does not determine who wins an election. The ultimate decision is left in the hands of the electoral college. 

It is interesting to see that President Trump has found himself in the same position for this year’s election as he was in during the 2016 election. While Biden is in the lead right now with polls, I do think President Trump has a strong chance of winning this year’s presidential election. 

In our country, history has repeated itself time and time again. There have been 22 presidents in our country’s history who ran for re-election and succeeded, while only 10 presidents have run for re-election and failed. These statistics show that the odds are in President Trump’s favor when it comes to who will win the 2020 Presidential Election. 

As of right now, Biden is favored to win this year’s election. In an article from The Telegraph, it explained that the 10-poll average indicates over half of Americans will back Biden in the election. 

In a polling that was conducted by NBC/Survey Monkey and reported in an article from CNN, a majority of Americans expressed how they have little confidence that this year’s election will be conducted fairly. Specifically, 55 percent of American adults have reported that they are either “not too confident” or “not confident at all” that this year’s election will be conducted fairly. That leaves only the remaining 29 percent of American adults having somewhat confidence in the election. 

President Trump has repeatedly expressed and questioned the fairness of the upcoming election which has also led me to question the fairness of the election. If our very own President does not have confidence in the election, how am I supposed to have confidence in the election? With that being said, I have also taken into consideration that maybe President Trump has questioned the fairness of the election as a result of him not feeling confident in his ability to win. After all, the polls are in Biden’s favor, which can be nerve-racking for President Trump. 

This year’s election is like no other. Our country is still being affected by a global pandemic that struck us back in March. Many Americans still fear leaving the comfort of their homes to go places. Due to this, mail-in ballots have been provided as an alternative to having to vote in-person. There has been talk about mail-in ballots being miscounted, which is something that I do think could happen, as counties across the country have been receiving an influx of mail-in ballots in comparison to previous years. 

As a college student, and someone who is still learning more about the election process and what it entails, I do have some concerns in regards to the current voting process. These concerns have come from the media and the discussions centered around miscounting ballots. This is a mistake that I know can, and should, be avoided. It would be a great shame to Americans and our country’s reputation if it was discovered that this election was not conducted fairly. 

This is the first ever election I have voted in, and I wish the circumstances of our country’s current state were better. Since I am not a resident of Connecticut, I had to fill out an absentee ballot and mail it back home to the county I am from in New York. All of the talk about the miscounting of ballots has made me fearful that there is a chance my ballot may be miscounted. 

Our country has suffered through a lot this year. With that said, I am happy that the 2020 Presidential Election has been proceeding with some normalcy, despite the skepticism and critiques about the election process that have surfaced. While the polls show that former Vice President Biden is currently in the lead, I do think it is possible, and quite likely, for President Trump to be re-elected. As I stated earlier, America’s history has repeated itself time and time again, with a majority of our country’s presidents serving two terms upon running for re-election. In just a few short weeks, our country will decide who they see as the best fit to serve as our country’s 46th president.

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