Professors at Fairfield have a tendency to bring up the presidential election because it is important to our society and how we operate. In my experience, professors are always open for discussions about politics in class, especially now that the election is so close.

Politics can be related to leaves on a tree; everyone knows about it and when election season is over, they die out. I don’t believe that it is inappropriate to mention the election because almost everyone in our classes is old enough to vote and everyone should vote. Even though it does bring up arguments about which candidate is “better” than the other, we do live in America,home of the right to share our opinion, and we shouldn’t let disagreements dissuade us from having important conversations.

My professors have mentioned the presidential election, especially after the final debate. They wanted to hear what my classmates and I had to say and what arguments we could make about what others said. One of the things that my Women and Gender in U.S. History professor, Dr. Elizabeth Hohl does every class is ask us to “show and tell” and somehow, the election is almost always brought up because of its timeliness, but also due to the context of the course.

For professors, I assume they see us as babies because we have minds that are easily molded with thoughts and reactions to everything that is happening in the world. Perhaps they also see the 2016 Presidential Election as something that every student is talking about and in turn, discussing it could be extremely educational. Some professors may even go as far as to mold their lectures and lessons around the election. Personally, I love this because everyone knows what’s going on regarding the election.

At the same time, we encounter professors that don’t want to get into politics and the election because it isn’t relevant to their class or to themselves. In my intercultural communications class, Dr. Qin Zhang doesn’t mention it at all because it isn’t relevant to her course. The professors are either going to bring it up themselves or wait for a student to bring it up to share with the class.

The 2016 Presidential Election is important because we have so many young voters getting out there and casting their vote. Most people likely know who they’re going to vote for at this point, but there are certainly some undecided voters. Everywhere you look, there is “STAG VOTE” posters all around campus and a big part of that is to get you to vote. In the Barone Campus Center, there is a board with good things about Clinton and good things about Trump, and what their solutions are for various issues. “STAGS VOTE” is a great idea for people to get more educated on what the issues are and what each candidate is proposing to do to solve them. STAGS VOTE is also a great way to get everyone at Fairfield to vote on Nov. 8.

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