One of my favorite things about Fairfield University is the care and immense efforts towards socializing us students and providing means of sheer fun! No matter what the month, weather, or day of the week, there are always activities hosted by university organizations such as the Fairfield University Student Association, Fairfield At Night, Residence Life, coalition groups and so on, that strive to interconnect individuals through creativity and entertainment.

As a student of Fairfield University, this surely makes days filled with homework and a multitude of tasks, a little bit more bearable! Attending these events has always been, for me, something to look forward to in my day and to bring a smile to my face! Seeing other students, faculty members, moderators and RA’s working vigorously together to throw fun events that target a variety of interests amongst students, is something that truly warms the heart and does not go unnoticed. 

This past week alone, I had the immense pleasure of participating in both the Shamrockin’ Tie Dye event put on by FUSA, as well as the Cowboy Hat Decorating event, which were both held in the lower level of the John A. Barone Campus Center. Here, I witnessed a (socially distanced) gathering of smiling students exchanging laughs, individuals releasing their creativity through strategic means of decoration, students sharing supplies as they began to run low at the end of two successful events, and a community flourish before my eyes (Plus, I got to leave with a new colorfully tie-dyed T-shirt and a quirky Saint Patrick’s Day hat!). 

Although these two events were my personal favorites thus far, there are a multitude of other events that can be found on campus and through Life@Fairfield. For instance, although I have not yet been able to attend myself, I have heard from a large amount of my friends that the new ice skating rink, which will be up and running until the end of April, is a hit! This ice skating rink can be found on the Campion basketball courts and, at night, can be seen lit up with shimmering lights and cheerful students skating away under the stars. 

This ice skating rink has also been incorporated into the Stags Under the Stars event, which is held on different days for all class-years and encompasses a night full of “ice skating, curling, food trucks, hot chocolate, games and music!” I am excited to be attending this event on March 18 for my own class-year of 2024, as I know it will surely be yet another memorable experience with my friends here at Fairfield!

Steering away from the creative events that pertain to merely activities and socializing, there are also events held that correlate to other interests (something I find extremely important and admirable!). For example, the Stags Go Move Challenge is an event that is running from March 1- March 31. The event is broken up into six categories of the four class-years, as well as graduate students and part-time students. Stags can sign up either as individuals or teams, and track their minutes spent being active each day.

This is a great event for athletes here at Fairfield, as it adds a competitive spark to their time at the Fairfield RecPlex and allows for even more motivation! Teams of individuals work to support one another as they gain their minutes and individuals push themselves beyond measure. 

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about commuter students, remote students or merely those uncomfortable with gathering in general due to Covid-19, and neither has Fairfield! Fairfield University does an impeccable job hosting a large amount of events that are held online and are inclusive of all students, regardless of living situations. 

Trivia Night events at the Levee for students to attend in-person through Life@Fairfield are also held on Zoom for students to tune-in and take part in! Other virtual events that have been held thus far by the University include a virtual Escape Room held on Zoom, virtual Bingo with prizes, 25 Words or Less, Game Night and so much more.

Fairfield University has a wide-range of events on multiple platforms that are inclusive to the interests of all students and cultivate an atmosphere of companionship and fun. The University does an astounding job of hosting these events and I cannot nearly give enough recognition and credit to all of them through this short article. I know my friends and I will be attending many more of these events throughout our years here and I can only highly recommend that other students do so too!

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