It’s that time of year again when seniors in high school will be deciding where they will attend college. We are so excited to welcome our new Stags in this all-time record low acceptance rate. 

Fairfield University’s acceptance rate for the class of 2028 is a slim 33%, which is the lowest it’s been in years.

This newly lower acceptance rate means a lot to the Fairfield community. Many staff members and students are thrilled about this news and think it is definitely a testament to how rigorous the university is and how talented the students are. 

This decrease in the acceptance rate is a good look for Fairfield and will draw a lot of attention to it in the next few years. This change in acceptance rate highlights the academic strength of programs at Fairfield has grown to be and how competitive it can be to get into. 

Aside from the competitiveness of getting into Fairfield, I would say that there is a competitive culture in Fairfield once you go here—which I believe to be a good thing.

Competitiveness allows people to do better and gives a nice incentive to get better grades and to be active in school organizations. With healthy academic competition paired with extracurriculars and the strong professors and programs at Fairfield, students are destined for greatness. 

However, the decrease in acceptance rate will mean that eventually over time the school will become more populated and we already seem to have housing troubles on campus so how will Fairfield be able to deal with this issue? 

Personally, having more students on campus is a good thing because it allows for more people with different backgrounds and identities to immerse themselves in the Fairfield community. More people means more ideas to be shared and more cultures to learn about. 

Unfortunately, for that to happen there will need to be a serious addition in housing on campus. Even with the Class of 2027, there were not a lot of housing options and many people were placed into forced triples. With Fairfield becoming increasingly popular it can be hard to accommodate all of these students comfortably. 

If Fairfield can make some changes to the campus and arrange for more housing options, the addition of more students will make an even stronger community at Fairfield!

I think that the acceptance rate does a very good job of reflecting the nature of Fairfield and its academics. 

Not only are the professors so welcoming and thoughtful towards their students, but they are also passionate about what they teach. Having a teacher who is passionate about their work allows for the class to be fun and interactive. The professors at Fairfield truly care about their students and not only their academic abilities but their well-being. 

It is so easy to build relationships with professors here and it really makes the community at Fairfield stronger when both students and faculty can connect. 

The amazing reputation of the professors at Fairfield allows for the academics to be top-tier and invites an ambition driven atmosphere for the students. There are so many different disciplines across the many different schools and Fairfield invites students to explore their vast interests. 

The lowering of the acceptance rate for Fairfield has brought so much joy amongst the students and faculty and it makes us proud to attend and teach at this school. The lowering of the acceptance rate sheds a whole new light on Fairfield and will allow so many more students to explore the greatness of this university!

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