Peter Caty/ The Mirror Remember this place? Online registration means you can get your classes without ever entering the Kelley Center.

Peter Caty/ The Mirror Remember this place? Online registration means you can get your classes without ever entering the Kelley Center.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

No, not Christmas (even though Stop and Shop is selling Christmas candy already). Registration!

I’m not kidding. I absolutely love registration. It’s my favorite part of the school year, despite the hassle that inevitably comes along with it.

Think about it. Registration is the time when you get to decide what your life will be like for the next few months.

In my opinion, opening up the course booklet (or at least clicking on it) is like stepping into the candy store. You’ll find your major and minor classes, your favorite candy flavors. These are the courses that you have designated as the ones that you know the best and that interest you the most. Take something you love.

For me, it is anything from Fairy Tales to World of Publishing. When I look at the English classes, I can’t help but salivate a little bit.
Of course, you have your core classes, the classes you think are black licorice. I’ll admit, picking from these can be a chore.

Still, that art history core might help you discover an interest in Italian art that leads you to a semester abroad in Florence. You can learn something from any class, even if it is nothing more than the fact that you really do not like finance.

Also, do not expect that you will get all the classes you want. Look for some alternatives, so you are not stuck on registration day with no idea what other classes fulfill that second visual and performing arts requirement.

Your electives are your chance to explore what Fairfield has to offer. Go crazy; take Nature of the Universe and learn about the stars, or take Cultural Anthropology and cultivate radical doubt.
Whether you are looking for a fun class, an easy class or a challenging class, finding the right professor is key. You’ll probably spend the days leading up to registration frantically talking to friends and searching You might want to check out the professors who have been named Teacher of the Year by Alpha Sigma Nu.

Take it from a senior who’s getting ready for her last registration day and last semester at Fairfield: make the most of your courses.

Don’t just pick whatever seems easiest or whatever your roommate took last semester, because it probably will not be what you expect it to be.

Try some new things, because this may be the last chance you will have to learn digital photography or study the ethics of humanitarian action.

The choice is yours. Use it wisely, young grasshoppers.

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