For many years, Rob & Iggy’s Pizza, located in the Stag Snack Bar, was a good place to get delicious pizza and calzones at a reasonable price. Their custom, personal size pizzas provided an (often closer) alternative to the types served at the various incarnations of pizza shops operating out of the Levee. Unfortunately, it has recently come to my attention that such a thing is no longer possible.

When I stopped by the Stag a few days ago hoping to get a chicken and bacon pizza, I was told that they no longer would be serving pizza in the old fashion. Disappointed but undeterred, I then tried to order a calzone, only to be told the same thing: They no longer had the ability to make such things.

As it transpires, Rob & Iggy’s has stopped using pizza dough as part of the Fairfield’s attempt to encourage students to eat healthier foods. When I asked what their alternative was, they replied that they now use flatbreads for pizzas and calzones. I understand that I may be in the minority now, but a flatbread pizza or a flatbread-wrapped calzone doesn’t sound remotely appetizing to me. It may seem similar, but it won’t have the same doughy goodness that I have come to expect from the food that Rob & Iggy’s served in the past.

I will never claim to be the healthiest person in the world, so perhaps this new, healthier alternative will end up being better for me in the long run. However, it still bothers me that Fairfield didn’t allow students to make this choice for themselves by offering both dough and flatbread as choices. If such an option were available, then maybe this wouldn’t have gotten me so upset. However, I feel the lack of an option shows that the students are considered too young to make their own decisions and need help from those with more knowledge.

I may sound crazy, but I don’t think that these changes will last for very long. I feel that I am not the only one who will be upset by these changes, and that a large number of complaints will force action to be taken.

It always seems to me that Fairfield introduces great ideas, but does away with them for various reasons. For example, during my freshman year, a cheap food alternative called “Late Night at the Stag” was introduced, where food such as burritos, tacos and pizzas were available after normal operation hours at a fraction of the normal cost. Almost everyone I knew would go to these events, making it a good place to eat reasonably priced food and spend time with friends. When my sophomore year rolled around, I expected to continue to go to “Late Night at the Stag,” but was surprised to find that it had been altered, and, soon after, done away with. This baffled me, as it had seemed like such a good idea, and to do away with it didn’t make much sense.

I now just chalk it up as another example of Fairfield doing away with things without realizing their popularity. Please leave better off alone, and please bring back pizza dough to Rob & Iggy’s.


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