The holiday season is, for most of us, a special and comfortable time of year. But for college students, it is a different story. It is a time when the semester winds down and final exams begin. Stress levels rise in students as they scramble to finish all of their school work while also preparing for exams. It takes us away from the holiday season.

But it doesn’t have to. How can students living away from their families, some for the first time, cope with the stress of exams during the holidays? What if Fairfield were to provide more holiday themed festivities for the student body during these last few weeks of the semester?

The holiday season is a favorite time of year for many. It’s a time to reflect and celebrate with friends and family. But it seems like during this time of year, we’re not ourselves. We dive into stressful routines, racing toward the final days of the semester. It could be argued that because finals cause so much stress, we begin to lose sight of what else is important in life.

After returning from Thanksgiving break, students couldn’t help noticing the newly installed holiday decorations around campus. They are everywhere. The Barone Campus Center and the tree by the chapel is covered in Christmas lights, just to name a few.

Fairfield already provides students with holiday themed events during this time of the semester. For example, the highly popular midnight breakfast is coming up in the Barone Campus center. This event involves students being served breakfast by faculty and staff members while holiday themed music is playing. Students look forward to this event every year because it’s one of the last school sponsored events of the semester. In years prior, the event has been very successful in spreading holiday spirit to everyone involved. But should there be more?

More holiday themed events around campus such as the Midnight Breakfast will be very beneficial to students. What about the Friday Night Movie Series in Gonzaga Auditorium? What if the last few films showed were Christmas movies?
Would that contribute to the holiday spirit around campus? I think it could.

This year the last day of exams is on Friday Dec. 21, 2012, four days before Christmas Eve. As a result of the semester ending so close to the holidays, it could be argued that students will miss many holiday events and traditions with their loved ones. Creating various holiday themed celebrations around campus could lift the spirits of many.

These last few weeks of the semester are most important. In addition to studying for finals, students try to find time to also enjoy themselves. Whether students decide to watch holiday movies, spend time with their friends, or study for exams, they look to create a balanced schedule, even more balanced than in the middle of the semester.

Implementing more Christmas spirit in Fairfield’s campus will dramatically help student’s get through the upcoming weeks.
Let’s put the holiday spirit in full throttle this year Fairfield!

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