My time living on campus is sadly coming to a close. It seems like just yesterday I was on my tour as a prospective student thinking about how amazing it is going to be to live on the beach. However, now that the time has come — leaving campus living is incredibly bittersweet.

From Jogues Hall, to Kostka Hall, to Townhouse 44 I have had the opportunity to live in what I think to be some of the best places on campus. However, there are other aspects of campus life that I will miss dearly.

One thing about Fairfield that is so amazing that no matter where you live you are always bound to bump into a friend. Whether it is the Barone Campus Center, a walk to class, or the trek to the library — a familiar face is likely to be seen. I have come to love the small campus being a literal community and a home away from home.

Another thing I am going to miss is how easy it was to get to classes. I underestimate the luxury of being able to leave 10 minutes before class, while next year I will have to coordinate rides and take town traffic into consideration. 

As a junior especially, the Townhouses are an incredibly close knit living environment. Recently, with the weather being nice outside, four block has been the epitome of college living with homework being done in the sun, footballs being thrown around, and sitting on porches to sunset. The best part is how close everyone is to one another and the bonds neighbors have made.  

I am realizing that as I have gone through college you start to really appreciate what you had once it’s gone. As a sophomore I missed how close I was to everyone in the Quad. As a junior I dearly missed the Tully and eating dinner with my friends every night. I think this is a sort of testament to life however – you live through the good moments that you don’t realize how good they are till they are gone.

Perhaps the saddest thing about leaving campus is knowing that I’ll most likely never experience college living again. The bathrooms shared by 20 girls in our first year and the small shared bedrooms are just a memory, something I will laugh about with my friends and tell my kids about in years to come. 

Don’t get me wrong, living on Fairfield Beach Road is going to be a dream! I am so incredibly excited. But just how I was excited to get out of the quad and then out of the village into the Townhouses- I am taking my senior year living excitement along with reflection and appreciation. Appreciation for my junior year, the memories I have made living on campus and be sure to take every single moment in next year.

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