Jail N’ Bail is a fundraiser that Fairfield began hosting in 2008. Friends and families of students who are placed in jail have to get the individuals out with a “bail” set at $40 or higher, according to the University’s website. This price might seem like a lot for a college student, but it does not have to come directly from that individual. They can call people to help bail them out for a good cause. It is a unique way to get people on and off campus involved and ultimately, raise money for the Special Olympics. Being a freshman, I was really impressed by how popular the event was and believe it is a creative way to raise money.

Some people might think that it is inappropriate because it is mocking incarceration. I do not feel that the method of fundraising is wrong because it is a popular, easy way to raise money for a good cause. The presence of real police on campus makes the event more entertaining than if it was just students going around campus arresting people. The officers that are off duty are giving their time to help make the event succeed. It is not common that a game like Monopoly is criticized for being inappropriate because you can be “sent to jail.” Likewise, we do not criticize people who dress up as criminals for Halloween and think their costume choice is inappropriate.

Criminals are placed in jail for a reason; their actions label them as the criminals that they are. It is not wrong to use a mock incarceration as a way to fundraise. Mock scenarios are set up all the time, such as mock trials. Just because criminals place themselves in the negative situation of jail does not mean that a fundraising event should be deemed inappropriate. Jail N’ Bail focuses on helping to fundraise and to me, it is irrelevant that it could be considered inappropriate to mock people who are in jail for a reason.

Some might believe that the method of fundraising is forcing people to donate money. However, the money does not have to come from the individual who was arrested. It is just their responsibility to get themselves out. They can call friends and family to help them. I am sure if there were certain circumstances that the individual was not able to fundraise the money that Fairfield would be understanding. They can offer some kind of community service to make up for the fact that the money could not be raised the day of Jail N’ Bail.

People on campus were arrested and the outcome of bailing them out helped raise money for the Special Olympics. It can be seen as a game where the more criminals, the better in order to benefit the fundraiser. I would be shocked if people are against the Jail N’ Bail fundraiser because they believe mocking criminals is inappropriate. I have more sympathy for fundraising for the Special Olympics than believing it is wrong to mock a criminal scenario for a good cause.

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