To the Editor:

Over the last month I have been learning about an epidemic that has been happening over the last 50 years. Barbie has been sitting on her throne plaguing the minds of young girls, while remaining hidden until recent findings. Barbie herself creates an unimaginable model with unobtainable body dimensions that only anorexic and bulimic girls dream about at night while their self esteems drifts away faster than the sands of time are being blown.

Unfortunately, though as we progress into the future, more and more girls are trying to reach for Barbie’s heights only to fall short and into further depression. Sure over the last 15 years Barbie’s image has been slowly evolving: wider hips, smaller bust, and shorter neck. In comparison to the over 40 plus years to when she had, in human form, a 42D cup size, 18 inch waist and head, legs twice the length of her arms, and no body fat to help her menstruate, Barbie’s dealt damage on the young girls of the world has already been done.

Mattel has tried to give Barbie a better image by giving her empowering careers and even more fuel-efficient vehicles to drive. But the image of the “pretty, shiny” blonde hair prince hopping out of the all pink Barbie dream car Corvette convertible is ingrained into more heads than any other of her 120 careers combined. If Barbie really wanted to help out with this world, she needs step down from her throne, vanish until the last thought about her is diminished, and then maybe join the rest of humanity with a new positive image, to help lead the young girls around the world, into a brighter tomorrow.


Joshua Beebe ‘14

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