To the Editor:

We are writing this letter in order to clear some confusion about 200 Nights, namely Matt DeFranco’s letter in last week’s paper. We understand that the author has not been a student here at Fairfield for the past three years, so he may not be clear on the current state of affairs. 200 Nights is an event for all seniors, yet since SBRA has taken over its planning, it has been geared almost entirely to off-campus students.

Last year tickets were only sold at the beach and on-campus seniors had to pay $110 per ticket, while off-campus students paid just $90. If the author had made any attempt at all to fill himself in on the current state of affairs, he would realize that we are trying to return the tradition to one involving the whole class. Tickets were sold five days a week at the campus center, as well as two nights a week at the beach. Furthermore, all students paid the same amount, $85. To conclude maybe one should check ALL his/her facts before choosing to personally attack a current Fairfield student who is trying (with the rest of the event planners) to include the entire class in this tradition.


Matt Coolidge, SBRA President, Class of 2004 Lauren De Steno, SBRA Vice President, Senior Class President. Class of 2004

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