With exactly three months until graduation, the editorial board is closing in on their final issue of The Mirror next week (sad). Even though this job is all consuming, the members of the board each have (somewhat) of a life outside of the paper. A bittersweet ending it will be, but the board will finally have the chance to get started on a senior bucket list. With less than a hundred days left of college, and still needing to get the dreaded three letter j-word, we are compiling a senior year bucket list.

Go to a $2 Tuesday – For those that don’t know, many a late Tuesday night has been spent at The Mirror office. While it used to just deprive us of sleep in our younger years, it now deprives us of drinking with our peers at the Grape for the infamous $2 Tuesday drink special! Catch us there March 5!

Mock Wedding –  We’re going to the chapel and the bride and groom are getting married! Mock Wedding is a staple of senior year for Fairfield students. A bridal party and a priest elected from and by the senior class gather the seniors together on Lantern point to watch the bridal party be joined in unholy matrimony. The editorial board looks forward to toasting to the bride and groom.

Sham Jam at The Grape – Though we’ve enjoyed spending Sham Jam at the townhouses for the past three years, the editorial board cannot wait to participate in the senior celebration of St. Patrick’s Day at our home turf-The Grape!

Attend your last Clam Jam – For many a senior this is their chance to finally drink at Clam Jam without recruiting the help of an upperclassman. Take a few steps out from your beach house, and head on down to Jennings Beach. Editor-in-chief and managing editor have fond memories of former editorial boards buying us our tickets for Clam Jam sophomore and junior years. We plan on paying it forward to any other member of the Mirror staff who needs our help.

Spend finals week at the beach instead of in the library – As much as we want the warm weather to come, we are dreading what it brings: the end of our Fairfield careers. We will hold onto the beach as long as we can and will be parking it on the point as long as we please. Don’t make us go! Enjoy our names on the masthead while you still can!

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