To the Editor:

I am writing in response to the pretentious exaggeration of a criticism written about the new campus center. The redundant abundance of trivial complaints week after week is not only getting old, but also makes me question, are we all drama queens, or just bored?

Vibrant colors, comfy couches, and representation of school spirit. In my opinion there is nothing missing. The brand new campus center, a multi-million dollar facility has finally opened, what could one possibly have to complain about now?

While the interior decoration in Barone may not meet up to the lavish standards of some students, I think it’s a vast improvement. What were you expecting? Pottery Barn antique leather couches perhaps? Are we really that superficial, or just in desperate need of something to whine about?

How is it possible to intricately name each pigment of the newly painted walls and furnishings, yet somehow fail to recognize improvements made from last year?

The new campus center IS a great place to go between classes. The entire building was not only expanded, but renovated as well, thus providing plenty of room for those students who choose to socialize, and those who want to partake in last minute cramming.

As for the apparent lack of email dilemma, I’m sure it will be set up eventually. However, the library is really not that far away.

As for the qualms about the decorations in the campus center, I’ll aggree, I’m not really a huge fan of hunting trophies, but let me remind you that our school’s mascot just so happens to be… A STAG. According to Webster’s Dictionary, a mascot can be defined as: a person, animal, or object adopted by a group as a symbolic figure especially to bring them good luck. In my opinion, conveying a little school spirit for your school, and athletic teams, instead of pyscho-analyzing everything, would greatly improve the overall attitude possessed by the student body.

Afterall, if college is supposed to be the best four years of our lives, I know I’d rather spend my precious time here enjoying these last few years with friends, than focusing on the color schemes of furniture in the campus center.

My advice for fellow students is to ease up and take a step back before you continue to voice negative aspects on or off campus, and enjoy Fairfield University for all the great things it does have to offer, you could be missing out!!!


Virginia Meade ’03

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