Another day, another Trump making a ridiculous headline. A few short weeks ago, Melania Trump turned heads when she claimed to be “the most bullied person in the world”  during a sit-down interview with ABC News Chief National Affairs correspondent Tom Llamas. During the interview, as part of the segment “Being Melania,” Llamas pressed Melania with investigative questions ranging from her opinions on her husband’s immigration policy to how she appears in the media. Upon mentioning Melania’s Be Best initiative, Llamas asked, “What made you want to tackle this issue?” Without hesitation, Melania responded by claiming to be the most bullied person in the world, notably shocking Llamas with the answer.  

While Melania and her family have been no strangers to being targeted by the media and online commentators, it is quite dramatic to plea that you are the most bullied person in the world when, in reality, you are married to the biggest bully in the world.

Following Melania’s dramatized claim, Llamas continued to discuss her Be Best campaign. The Be Best initiative focuses on educating individuals on cyberbullying and how to reduce online harassment to make children feel safer on the internet. The target audience of the Be Best campaign is the youth of America, with the mission statement discussing the importance of helping our children manage the troublesome issues that arise from cyberbullying and other forms of harassment.

The initiative focuses on setting examples for our children on how to behave on the internet by promoting a community of caring and kindness. In the interview, Melania discusses how we need to “educate our children on social-emotional behavior.” Well, we also apparently need to educate our First Lady on why you should not wear a jacket that says “I really don’t care, do you?” when visiting children recently separated from their families.

Melania, if you want to create an initiative that focuses on educating our children about cyberbullying and the repercussions that follow, what kind of example are you setting when the president, your husband, does nothing more than hide behind a screen? Our children will not feel safe on the internet, because your husband does not provide a safe environment for them. The president is not only responsible for running this country, but is also supposed to be a role model to the American people, and above all, our youth. Melania needs to ask herself, if she was not the First Lady and the leader of the country openly disgraced women and mocked someone with a disability, would that be someone she would encourage her child to look up to? It is quite shameful, and ironic, that Melania created an initiative dedicated to spreading kindness to our children when her husband lacks that ability. While Melania claims that she always advises her husband to be careful about what he puts on social media, and that she does disagree with some of his policies, she is not very proactive about making him be his best. Melania needs to be a First Lady, and not just behind closed doors.

Melania, how do you stand in front of the country promoting an initiative to end cyberbullying when you are simply a bystander to your husband’s hurtful comments? If you want this country to Be Best, start with yourself. You are not the most bullied person in the world, you are nothing more than a bystander.

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