“One of my favorite memories is going to a Thrive FYE event hosted by an author who all of us advice about what to do if your roommate doesn’t shower. Advice: please shower for your roommates sake.” -Claire Monahan ‘20

“My favorite first memories all center around late night hangouts and movie nights with my friends. We were all super close and those nights where we all talked forever were some of my absolute dearest moments from these first months.” -Lexi Thimble ‘20

“My favorite thing about my first year was meeting some of the people who would later become my best pals. I also attended my first College Democrats meeting, and that organization has been such a key part of my life on campus ever since! (I didn’t join the Mirror until Sophomore year, but you should de come in the fall).” -Sabina Dirienzo ‘19

“My most valuable memory from my first year on campus is something I didn’t know existed until now–finding my senior year roommates. If you were to tell me that all three of my senior year roommates would be from fourth floor Jogues, I wouldn’t believe you. Yet, here I am, ready to embrace my senior year with three of the most amazing women I’ve had the privilege of meeting week one. To the three awkward and nervous first-year students that became my best friends–thanks for seeing me at my worst, at my best, and continuing to be there for me anyways.” -Alicia Phaneuf ‘19
My orientation was a hot mess. It had to be a billion degrees that afternoon and I had just arrived after spending the last two days celebrating my graduation. I was about to be shoved into my orientation group when my mom pointed out a really tall girl heading in my direction (I am also really tall). My mom proceeded to tell me to befriend her because she was taller than me and tall girls stick together. So, I decided to try because why not. I misheard her name and thought she went by “Greasy” (she goes by Gracie). Not a great start, so I then tried something else and told her I liked the pins on her backpack from various TV shows. “Oh really?” She looked excitedly at me when I told her. “Which one is your favorite?” I paused. I didn’t know any of these shows. “That one!” I squeaked, pointing to a random one before running away. To make matters worse, we would go onto play a game. A game you say? Yes, with a beach ball. That’s all I remember because I ended up pelting this tall chick in the face….in front of the entire group. So point is: if your orientation is a disaster like mine, don’t worry– things will work out. You see this tall chick I talk about– we’re roomies now! Seriously! I have the receipts! So don’t stress and enjoy!” -Katherine Klima ‘20

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