On a Friday night while everyone is out at some social gathering, if you’re like me, you chose to dodge that bullet and look forward instead to lying in bed after your hard week by unwinding with Netflix. While many people argue that Netflix needs to welcome new shows and movies, I consider the long-lost classics and the old sitcoms, despite sometimes referencing events that we are too young to understand, the best types of shows to watch and unwind with at the end of the week.

Without Netflix introducing me to classic comedies like “Cheers,” “Frasier” and allowing me to watch any episode of “F.R.I.E.N.D.S” any time I want, I never would have found some of my favorite shows to bond with friends over. Although the opportunity to watch the shows that you’ve probably overheard your parents make reference to when you were still in middle school may seem unappealing initially, you should push aside any hesitations. By doing so, you are opening the door to many enjoyable conversations with people who you may not have suspected to enjoy those same classics as yourself. I know that if I had not given the classics a chance and acquiesced to my friend’s incessant begging, I would have missed out on watching some hilarious comedies with other friends who also enjoy these shows.

However, discovering that your friends also watch old shows is not the only way that you can make deeper connections. If and when you stumble upon a show that you have heard your parents reference, it is at that moment that you should stop your search and hit the “play” button. Although I was initially hesitant to watch the shows that were targeted toward my parents’ generation, watching a show that your parents enjoyed will not only help you build a connection with your family, but also give you a greater knowledge of events that were relevant to the previous generations who watched a show before the Internet was a concept, let alone a platform where shows were available at any moment.

All of this may seem to be a bit of a stretch. But after one of my friends introduced me to the show “M.A.S.H.” a few weeks ago, I watched it with my family over the Easter weekend and it brought my family closer together. The jokes, which at times seemed goofy, offered memories to my parents and made for a fun night of reminiscing old episodes, as well as offering my brother and I a deeper understanding of previous comedies and humor for our parents.

Along with family members, anybody you meet who watches the same shows as you will likely become a great friend. Not only do they possess similar interests as you, but you can be sure that they have spent many Friday nights scrolling through Netflix as well. Your show, which remains a hidden jewel on Netflix, is your way of screening possible new friends. Next time you’re unsure of how much you have in common with someone, I suggest checking their “recently watched” section on Netflix.

Although many of us are stuck in our old ways when it comes to our television preferences, sometimes all you need is a push from the past to see that many old shows are not a great deal different from those that grab our attention and interest today. Ultimately, I recommend broadening your horizons and exploring the depths of Netflix. Go beyond the show that “everybody’s talking about” and discover those programs that your parents enjoyed during their adolescence. I can promise you that these shows will not disappoint and that more times than not, that random classic you decided to try out on a Friday night will become your go-to show for weeks on end.

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