Jennifer E. Ferrante:

I’m writing to you from the better half of this rivalry…the New York Yankee side. Yes, that’s right, the winning half, the 26 World Championships half, the 39 Pennants half, the 14 Division titles half, the 42 post-season appearances half, the team from the greatest city in the world half. Ouch, did that hurt Boston? The only title Boston has on us is Consecutive World Series losses, in which we have at four and Boston is at a strong 86. Hey Boston, I think you’re trying for the wrong records!

I must say I take pity on the Red Sox, especially their die-hard fans, such as my much-loved-when-not-baseball-season roomie, Meg. She stands by the Red Sox no matter what, and I love that dedication, because a true fan never gives up hope. But what kind of team are the Boston Red Sox? Isn’t a team supposed to give the fans something to cheer about? Just think of how many of their dedicated fans were born, followed them throughout their seasons, and died without ever seeing the Red Sox win a World Series. Maybe it’s not the Curse of the Bambino anymore. Maybe it’s the spirits of all these pissed off dead Boston fans coming to haunt the team.

The Boston fan lingo is the best too. As soon as the Red Sox play like the professionals they are, it’s all about how “this is the year!” Then, when Boston screws up and loses as usual, it’s back to “wait ’til next year.” I am so sick of hearing that phrase. Stop saying it, Boston fans! Many fewer New Yorkers will laugh in your faces when Boston loses if you just stop saying it!

An extremely funny moment for me this year was when the Boston fans ran around screaming after they tied the ALCS 3-3 after being in a 0-3 deficit. The best was shooting them down from their high. Boston fan: “WOO-HOO, we just beat you three games in a ROW!!” Me: “We just beat you three games in a row too, remember? You didn’t see us running around screaming like we just won a World Series. Oh wait, you don’t know what that feels like.” Boston fan: “Ugh, whatever.”

I also love how strangely satisfied Boston seemed to be when they won the ALCS. Most major league baseball teams like the Yankees aren’t satisfied until they win the World Series.

Bottom line, the New York Yankees aren’t just labeled as the greatest team that’s ever played the game; they actually prove it year after year by producing winning results. No team is going to win every single year, and that shouldn’t be expected. But the Boston Red Sox have taken that lack of expectation to a whole new level as they approach a century’s worth of failure to claim the title of World Series Champions. Even if they win this year, I don’t really think that’s something to be proud of, because I can almost promise you the next time it will happen will be when I’m dead. Oh yeah, go Cardinals!

Megan A. Doherty:

Yes, I’m a Boston fan and I’m proud of it. As I was born and raised in western Massachusetts, the Red Sox have always been a part of my life. Even though we haven’t won a World Series since 1918 (yes Yankee fans, we remember the number), I love the Sox and will always be a Boston fan. Since Babe Ruth was traded in 1920, “the Curse” has lived on and has left Boston fans without a World Series title. But that will change. This year is our opportunity to say goodbye to Babe Ruth for good. Bye bye Babe! We fans are by far the most dedicated and passionate of any baseball team ever. After all, we should be; if anything we are certainly the most patient. Every year we pray and hope that we will earn a spot in the World Series and win, and each year we come desperately close. But each new season we come back with renewed spirit and energy.

Don’t worry Yankee fans – we will win, and then what will you say? (Yeah, I can hear you, “Well you still suck and have only won six World Series”). My roommate Jen, a Yankee fan, gets a kick out of downing Boston. Let me just say that I find it hilarious that in general, Yankee fans have to down a team that has been losing for so long. You’d think that after winning 26 World Series you wouldn’t have to huff and puff over losing for once. Do Yankee fans really think they can win every year? No, but they sure act like it. Get over yourselves! The one thing that all Yankee fans know is that Boston deserves their place in the series this year, even though they can’t and won’t admit it. After all, no team in baseball history in an American League Championship Series down 0-3 has come back to win in game seven. That in itself is worth recognition. So now that we’ve made it to the Series, Yankees are rooting for St. Louis, as to be expected, I guess. (I know I rooted for the Marlins last year).

The difference is that Boston actually deserves to win because they haven’t for so long. No one likes to see a team win year after year; it’s boring. And say Boston does lose, we still prevented the pretty boys from getting there, so what do you have to say about that? And that reminds me, Derek Jeter… you may look good out there in your tight pants, but how much are you getting paid to drop the ball over and over again? Oh, ok. And while I’m on the subject of bashing players, Alex Rodriguez (otherwise known as “A-Rod,”, or in my book “purple lips”), how much do you get paid to slap the ball out of pitchers’ hands to get on base? Hmmm….yeah, that’s what I thought. In any case, Boston made it to the Series this year, and the Yankees didn’t. That is one darn good thing to be happy about. And with that, a few words of wisdom: Yankee fans: You suck. Boston fans: BELIEVE!

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