Fairfield University has a multitude of clubs and organizations for students to join. There is really something for everyone. I was working at the Relay for Life table at the activities fair, and I really couldn’t believe how many clubs we have. I mean, I went to the fair as a freshman, but honestly, I was too intimidated to join a lot. However, the beauty of these clubs is that for most of them you can join at any time.

If someone had told me at the beginning of my first year last year that I would have a radio show, and a podcast on Spotify, I would have never believed them. In February my friend mentioned how she wanted to start a radio show, but couldn’t find anyone to co-host with. At the time I was looking to join anything, so I could get out and just do something. I was very bored and wanted to get involved, so I told her I would be her co-host. Thus, “Entertain Us” was born.

Our first episode aired in early March. I distinctly remember our first episode. We talked about our favorite Romantic Comedies. There were so many technical difficulties. First, the sound was cutting in and out. We were constantly texting friends and family members throughout the show, trying to tell if the sound was working. Second, when we finished the show we checked to see if it recorded on the flash drive and it had not. We were so upset and frustrated. I think we were taught how to record the show the wrong way. It happened again the next week, and we actually re-recorded our show so we could have something on our Spotify. We had finally figured out how to record the show onto the flash drive.

Eventually, as we continued doing the show we got better at all the technology stuff. We started to put the show on Spotify. We have done shows on Award Shows, rankings of movies, books and more. There is always something to talk about. I looked forward to doing the show on Sundays. It was so fun, and a great reason to just talk about things we like. I also found that it really helped our friendship grow. When we began the show we had really just become friends, but as the weeks went on we learned a lot about each other just by talking about our favorite movies. My co-host and I just started the show’s second season, and so far it has been great. Our friends have been guest-starring on some episodes this semester. We also have been getting a lot more listeners live and on Spotify! 

Fairfield’s radio station, WVOF, is a great club to get involved in. There are plenty of ways to join! I record a live show, but there are jobs that revolve around the music that plays as well. It is also really easy to get involved with it. I was shocked by how easy it was to start your own mini-production. If you want to start a show by yourself or even with a friend go for it! You can talk about basically anything. My friend and I cover pop culture and entertainment. You could have a show talking about a certain sport or maybe even about food. You can talk about music or something in-depth like Marvel movies or comics. The possibilities are endless. Speaking of possibilities, you can even put your show on Spotify! 

My friend and I record ours live, and then edit it for a music or podcast streaming service. It’s actually really cool and fun to tell people. I love seeing people’s faces when I tell them I have a podcast on Spotify. They always follow up by asking how, and I just say “join the radio station!”

If you’ve ever wanted to start a podcast, now is your chance to do it! Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and really try something new. Now is the time of our lives to start and try new things. Go for it! While you’re at it listen to “Entertain Us” every Sunday at two o’clock on WVOF 88.5 or listen on Spotify. To keep up with the show you can also follow our Instagram, @entertainusshow. Sorry, I had to promote the show!

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