I, along with most Fairfield students, miss home cooked meals. Before delving into my first year, all I knew about the Daniel and Grace Tully Dining Commons, commonly referred to as  “The Tully,” was bits and pieces of information and opinions from those before me. The opinion of the Tully from the general Fairfield student body isn’t the best, in fact, it’s mostly all negative. 


I consider myself spoiled when it comes to home cooked meals (shout-out, Mom). Now, The Tully definitely doesn’t come anywhere close to what some of us are used to (especially pasta sauce wise) but, I wouldn’t go as far to agree with the general consensus. 


For any given meal, there is something for everyone waiting at the top of those Barone Campus Center stairs. Sure, there are some things that I don’t ever and will never put on my plate, like the scrambled eggs. But at the end of the day, it’s a warm plate of food and there’s many options to choose from. The variety is actually sometimes overwhelming. With our Greens and Grains salad bar that has just about every topping under the sun, to Sazon (The Tully’s very own little Chipotle) and True Balance which serves our fellow Stags with dietary restrictions.


Not to mention, I’ve never had a negative experience with any of the Tully employees. I always hear them laughing among themselves behind the counter and they’re always happy to accommodate if they can (A special thanks to the nice lady who always makes my buffalo chicken wraps at the Sandwich Lab, you are simply the best). 


Some highlights from the Tully from these past two weeks has been the lo mein and sweet and sour chicken (better than takeout in my opinion), avocado toast with a plethora of options to top it off, the ginormous bacon, egg, and cheeses and, of course, the cotton candy ice cream at A La Mode. 


Besides the food, my friends and I study at the Tully all the time for the perfect mix of background noise in the perfectly “just right” comfortable booths. We’ll grab a pastry from the Confectionary and crank out our homework, just as Daniel and Grace Tully intended. 


So the next time you’re dreading walking up the Tully steps; remember all the friendly employees, warm food, quality time and that you probably shouldn’t be spending any more dining dollars on Chicken Teriyaki Bowls from SushiDo this week. After all, the worst part of going to The Tully is leaving.


Happy Tully-ing, Stags!

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