Did you watch the Democratic Debate? Why or why not?

Marcia Momperousse ‘18: “Yes, I watched the debate. The reason why is because I wanted to see Bernie Sanders against Hillary Clinton, mostly. I didn’t really care about the last three, just those two I wanted to see get at it. And plus, that debate was the most respectful thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life while the Republican one was just trash.”

Michael Vavala ‘18: “I didn’t even know there were other people, but the two main ones, Bernie and Hillary, and I already know a decent amount about them. Bernie is very much for social issues — socialistic in nature. He says he’s a socialist, self-proclaimed. So, I know that already. So I kind of know where he stands on things. Hillary … she’s shady. She kind of shifts her positions, but they’ve made her look shady in the media purposely with the email scandal and the Benghazi scandal. So it’s just, I don’t know — I just didn’t watch it because I didn’t feel like dealing with that and it’s too long and it’s just kind of boring and it’s too early.”

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