Why, may I ask, was there a huge crowd of students at the game resembling a “Red Sea?” Gee let me think…oh yeah that new arena! So far it appears that students prefer to go to Harbor Yard, rather than the high school atmosphere of Alumni Hall. I have nothing against Alumni Hall, but for a school that is trying to build a big basketball program, it deserves the arena.

So far there has been success with the move to Harbor Yard. Students are now going to the arena to cheer the basketball team. There’s nothing like the sound of the “Pit Posse’s” roaring chants that echo through the arena. Nothing beats the ol’ “a rope, a tree, hang the referee” chant from students. Everyone should be going crazy at these games; it’s part of the college experience.

And now it’s time for the coaches and players to give us something to cheer about. No one wants to go and see losing teams. I mean if we wanted to see losers we could just watch the 0-10 Detroit Lions play a game. This year we have the talent to achieve success in the MAAC, but team unity is needed in order to win it all.

With the new arena, we have an opportunity to create a fan base that could create a fearful environment for opponents to play in. We have all the townspeople who come out in big numbers, but they are not the ones who will get the arena going wild. We, the students, need to show up there and get loud and crazy cheering the basketball teams, until we are MAAC Champions.

This Thursday is your chance to go and check out the arena. The men and women have a double header and they are both facing last year’s defending MAAC champions.

Real deal: Close your books for a couple of hours and go to the Arena, it’s a good time!

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