You’re a virgin that can’t drive. If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past two weeks, you’re familiar with the Brett Kavanaugh scandal. In an interview with Fox News, Brett Kavanaugh said that he “was a virgin through high school and for ‘many years after.’” And thus, he could not have committed the sexual assault actions that he is accused of by Christine Blasey Ford or Deborah Ramirez.

Let’s be clear. Ford has accused Kavanaugh of ATTEMPTED rape. If the rape was attempted – then sure, Kavanaugh can still be a virgin. But does that make him innocent of sexual assault? As for Ramirez, apparently Kavanaugh claims that being a virgin prevents him from being able to pull down his pants and shove his penis in a girl’s face. Makes sense.

What makes less sense are all the other people sympathizing with this dusty man. Tweets have been shared saying that, since he was young and drunk, he shouldn’t be held accountable for his actions.

Yet, the other side of the same coin is doubting Ford because she was young and drunk. It’s as if the #MeToo movement never happened and we took a thousand steps back. It feels as if those who are accused of assault will always be protected by higher powers, including the President himself. If Kavanaugh ends up being exonerated and becomes a member of the Supreme Court, not only are victims of sexual assault being let down, but the American people as a whole.

Kavanaugh’s attempt to justify his reputation by saying he was a virgin in high school is irritating, as this statement has nothing to do with what he was accused of. Just because a man has never inserted his genitals into a woman’s vagina does not mean that he never performed an act of sexual assault. Attempting rape and exposing oneself to a woman are both actions that can be completed while still maintaining one’s virginity.

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