Going to your first college party can be exciting as a freshman. However, it’s important to know some simple rules to keeping it classy so that you don’t become the person who’s way too trashy.

Don’t take the free beer with you

The first sign of keeping it classy is how you show up to said party. Everyone has tagged along with a friend of a friend to a party before, not knowing who lives there. Those who throw the party should always expect uninvited people to show up. But as an uninvited guest, try not to draw attention to yourself. And since Fairfield parties do not have a cover charge, you are there on the party-thrower’s dime. There is nothing more trashy than being the guy pocketing beers on your way out of a party and it’s even worse when you don’t know the person living there. Pack some beers before you leave your place. Don’t steal from a party where the drinks are free.

It may be war, but keep it civil

When it comes to drinking games, most people keep it civil. While they may rave about their last great game or subtly mention that they have not been beaten in five weeks, drinking games are meant to be fun. Feel free to argue about if it is Beirut or Beer Pong, what an Ace is in ‘Kings,’ or even how much beer to fill a cup in ‘Flip cup.’ But always accept the house rules. There are, of course, trashy moves when it comes to drinking games. Everyone likes to play a drinking game, but how many different combinations can you put on a list at once? When your name is on a Beirut list three different times, you might want to start thinking about quitting.

Get out, or at least get out of sight

When it comes to hooking up at parties, there are different levels of classy and trashy. Most will argue the classiest approach is to save it until after the party. Just remember, this is not high school. You don’t have to get home before your curfew. You are trashy if you hook up in the middle of the party where people must walk by to get to the keg or the bathroom. You are certainly trashy when you’re engaged in anything more than kissing. Making out can be okay if it’s done in good taste, but when those hands start roving, don’t get a room – just go home. Another group under chronic hook-up offenders are the people who drink so much that they think they are hidden. To all of you, we can still see you behind that book shelf even if you’re drunk. The classiest approach for the party hook-up is the out of sight approach.

Trashed means being trashy

When it comes to having chugged too many beers or downed too many shots, there are two moves you can make to make to be known as either the classy one or the trashy one. First, you must realize when it is time to go back home or to let the alcohol take hold and be ‘that guy’ or ‘that girl’.  When you think you have reached that point in the night it is best to call a the cab or start dodging Public Safety on the walk back. Otherwise, when you wake up the next morning in a strange townhouse, you better book it before those residents wake up.

Let’s face it, when you go out with the intention to act trashy, you might as well stay in that night.

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