1. What was your experience like starting the semester from home?

Julia: It was not as easy as starting off in-person and ending online. It feels strange not being able to make a personal connection with a professor, and I certainly feel less engaged than in previous semesters, but we’re making it work!

Catherine: I moved in during Phase I, so I was actually able to start the semester at school. It was a bit strange being here before most of the student population, but I am also glad that I had that extra Sunday after moving in to get things organized before classes officially started!

Sheila: I was like Catherine, so I started on campus, which I was really grateful for. Most of my roommates were here too, so at least we were able to hang out!

Molly: Books took up a lot of space in my car.


2. Who do you predict will win the Super Bowl?

Julia: I’m no Tom Brady fan, but one thing I can admit is that he is not one to lose a championship. I feel like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will win it all.

Catherine: I haven’t been following football at all, but I guess I’ll be loyal to Tom Brady in the spirit of the Patriots, even though he didn’t stay loyal to them 🙁

Sheila: I have full faith in the magic of Patrick Mahomes, so I have to say the Chiefs!

Molly: I didn’t even know football was still playing until I read this question. I thought all the decorations in grocery stores were a metaphor. 


3. Do you like the dining options offered to students in lockdown?

Julia: I’m surprised at how much I’ve missed The Tully, and I feel like the University has done a really commendable job!

Catherine: With what they are offering, you can basically get five meals a day if you wanted, which is pretty crazy! I am also SO happy that the food trucks have returned…I missed you Fork in the Road chicken pesto grilled cheese <3  

Sheila: I like how they have a lot of different options so people don’t all have to go to one place!

Molly: I always like free coffee.


4. With The Mirror switching staff soon, in what ways do you want to see The Mirror grow?

Julia: I feel like in the last year, we as a staff have created a peaceful and cohesive environment to work in. I am confident that the new staff will contribute to a healthy camaraderie that will encourage the growth of our paper!

Catherine: I’m so sad to leave 🙁 There is still so much that I wanted to accomplish with my staff this year as EIC, but I’m hoping that the work towards those goals can be continued and hopefully achieved with the new staff!

Sheila: I really want to see us continue to make new and different content, and get more innovative with the things we are covering!

Molly: I want our news section to be riveting for our readers and make sure that we are a paper that benefits the student body. I want us to be breaking stories that matter and impact students, holding transparency between the University and the student body number one in our mission statement. 


5. Which course are you taking this semester that you are most looking forward to?

Julia: I am taking a new media workshop course which covers film, TV and media, and it is a subject I’ve never really explored in a classroom setting. I’m very excited to see how it goes!

Catherine: I am very excited for my “Extending Literacy” education course that I am taking this semester! With my plans to earn my master’s degree in elementary education at Fairfield next year, I am excited to continue learning about the teaching profession and how I can help young children grow and succeed:) 

Sheila:  I am taking “Contemporary Children’s Literature” and I am really excited to look more into these books, and revisit some of my old favorites!

Molly: “Art of Egypt” will be fun! The Victorians used to eat mummies!


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