Senior Durham, Conn. native, and guard for the Fairfield University Women’s Basketball team, Kendra Landy sat down to talk about her time at Fairfield as she recovers from her season-ending ACL injury. She discusses how she remained a leader for the Stags as  well as how much her teammates mean to her.


Q: What is one thing that you have enjoyed the most this season?

A: I have appreciated the little things a lot more and just hanging out with my teammates, like being in the locker room before and after practice. It’s not that I took it for granted before, but now I think I am really appreciating them more now, especially since now I am not on the court.

Q: How have you remained a leader on this team despite not being on the court?

A: I think that was the toughest transition for me because I have always been a leader by example, more than a vocal leader so I definitely stepped outside of my comfort zone to develop my vocal leadership a lot more. I have just been calling [my teammates] over and telling them what I think instead of showing them.

Q: How has this injury made you a better person/player, looking to rehab and play even better next year?

A: It has definitely taught me alot about myself and how I face adversity. I had no choice but to face it head-on and show up the next day, ready to be a captain. It also has taught me how to be there in different ways and that you can still be a leader off-the-court.

Q: Is this the toughest roadblock you have faced in your basketball career? If not, what was it?

A: This year probably has been [the hardest]. I have had injuries but I have never actually been in a doctor’s office, being told that your season is over. I have never actually had that conversation before. But I think I have found positives in it and just seeing it different ways.

Q: What has the game of basketball meant to you? How deep is the connection that you have with your teammates?

A: I played seven sports growing up and I played soccer and basketball all throughout high school but basketball has given me everything: my best friends and college so it definitely means a lot. It will definitely mean a lot forever. My teammates are so awesome and we are such a close team. Everyone has been there for me.

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