1. Is Sam Bailey Fairfield’s best?

Keith Connors: He just broke records and the team seems to be on its way to another title run in the MAAC. I’d say that’s a yes.

Elyse Raby: Maybe? It’s hard to pay attention to skill when you’re watching the game through a camera lens.

JP Porretta: Who the hell is Sam Bailey?

2. Favorite club team: rugby or hockey?

Keith Connors: Hockey owns this one on movies alone. Does it get any better than “Miracle”? Actually, does it get any better than the “Mighty Ducks?”

Elyse Raby: I went to a women’s rugby game for the first time Sunday, and I didn’t even know we had a club hockey team. Maybe Mirror sports should cover club teams more often.

JP Porretta: Club hockey gets bigger turnouts than our actual basketball team.

3. Who will lose next: the New England Patriots or FU volleyball?

Keith Connors: Volleyball. Only because the season ends sooner.

Elyse Raby: Patriots I hope, just to put a dent in the Boston sports fans’ massive and usually obnoxious egos.

JP Porretta: There are so many questions regarding sports teams I know nothing about. I’m starting to regret volunteering for 3×5.

4. This year for Halloween, I’m going to be…

Keith Connors: Two words: Frank Romano.

Elyse Raby: Putting together a last-minute costume probably.

JP Porretta: Dressing up for Halloween was sooo freshman year.

5. World Series: Rox or Sox?

Keith Connors: Colorado. Why? After suffering through Red Sox fan Dane Cook’s horrendous commercials, maybe now he can share in my pain.

Elyse Raby: Rox. See Question 3 above.

JP Porretta: Who cares? The Mets are the only sports team that matters.

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