How long have you been running cross country?

Scott Daly- I started running in seventh grade. My older brother started to run when he was a freshman in high school, so my dad said, “Why don’t you do it?” I knew I didn’t really have a shot at playing competitive soccer in high school, so I turned to running and it took off.

What made you choose to continue your academic and athletic career at Fairfield?

Scott Daly- A few things made me choose. One of them was having my older brother Sam already on the team. It was nice knowing coming in that I had someone who knows me so well on a personal and running level. Also, I knew some of the older kids on the team through Sam and I really like them. Coach Rickert did a great job of selling the program to me and telling me his goals and what he wanted to achieve here. Lastly, it was a true no-brainer on the academic side.

Did you expect to contribute to the team so quickly this year?

Scott Daly- Not really. The team was only losing a few seniors who really contributed last year so I thought that I would start small and do my own thing in the background and be ready to contribute in a year or two. But, being able to come in and contribute right away is really an honor for me. My teammates have been so supportive and they push me to reach the next level everyday.

What were the emotions you experienced when you crossed the finish line and learned that you qualified for nationals?

Scott Daly- First of all, I was tired, but once it sunk in and people told me that I qualified, it was unbelievable. It sounded a lot easier than it ended up it being, but with about one lap to go, I knew that my goal was in sight and my emotions just went sky high. It was such a great feeling when I crossed the line and everybody on the team was smiling and congratulating me.

How is your personal achievement a testament to how hard you and your teammates have worked this year?

Scott Daly- I think it is an example of how we are all really goal-oriented. In the winter, most of us sat down with coach and exchanged our goals and expectations for the spring. So, for me to do what I did is just an example of how hard our team as a whole has worked this year and how motivated we are to get better.

How special was it to share that moment after qualifying for nationals with your brother?

Scott Daly- It was really awesome. He got me into the sport in the first place. Watching him set goals for himself and do so well at the high school level, then translating that to being the team’s number one runner at Fairfield; it has been special knowing that I can share this with him. He’s always in my corner and helping me, whether it’s pushing me to work harder or pacing me in the race. This is something I’m going to remember for a long time.

What are you looking to accomplish when you head out to California for nationals this June?

Scott Daly- I want to put Fairfield on the map. Going out there is big for the program and the school, but if I can perform on the national level and bring the program even more recognition, that is my main goal. Individually, I would love to win, but if I can crack the top 10 that would be ideal. I am just honored to have the chance to go out there and showcase what I’ve got.

In one word, can you describe your season and the impact that you have had on the program so far?

Scott Daly- Shocking. I set the goal, I knew I could hit it, everything since cross country has been geared toward the goal, but until you cross that finish line; it is surreal to go to nationals and be able to compete for Fairfield and the Northeast region. It is not everyday that a Northeast school can compete with the West Coast. I am not shocked that I had the ability to do it, but I am shocked that it was me.

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