Some of the favorite memories I have from college have come from getting breakfast on Saturday and Sunday mornings. It’s sitting around a table with my friends in one of our townhouses or out at breakfast somewhere that, looking back, I sometimes feel my absolute happiest. However, one thing is certain: the food we enjoyed during any of these memories is incredibly important and I have some opinions on the matter. 

Fairfield has no shortage of delicious eateries ranging from upscale restaurants to great, lowkey lunch spots. But right now, we’re going to focus on some of the best breakfast spots in town. 

A breakfast sandwich is a staple of the early weekend mornings. I’m a Jersey girl at heart, so when I’m back home, I usually get a taylor ham, egg and cheese sandwich with a hashbrown on a round roll from my favorite deli in my town. The places here had a lot to live up to. But, after tasting my way through all the breakfast spots in town, I think I now have a good read on which spot is the best in show. 

Hole in the Wall – 2/10 

Hole in the Wall located on Post Road just between SunnyDaes and Stop and Shop is definitely a cult favorite and a classic. My take might be a hot one, but I’m not really the biggest fan of Hole in the Wall. Going there, you know you are going to wait a long time, run into every single person who attends Fairfield University and you’re going to have a sometimes mediocre sandwich. And — about running into people from school — who actually wants to see the girl you kind of know because you have had four classes together throughout your time at Fairfield while you have both rolled out of bed to pick up breakfast? Nobody! There are better places to go in Fairfield.

Chef’s Table – 9/10

Chef’s Table, also located on Post Road, has tons of different breakfast options. However, my go-to order is this: an egg and cheese sandwich with hashbrown and avocado. You need to add the hashbrown and avocado, it’s a huge gamechanger. It takes what might be just a greasy sandwich and provides not only new textures from the crispiness of the hashbrown and the softness of the avocado, but  the avocado also provides a unique, refreshing flavor that balances really well with its cooked-component counterparts. In addition to the food, the atmosphere of Chef’s Table is great. I love the inside because there are booths to eat at, and, when it’s warm out, you can eat at the outside tables. The only reason I am taking one point off of Chef’s Table is because this is also a place you will run into absolutely everyone from school at and because it is pretty pricey for a breakfast sandwich.

Donut Inn – 8/10

Donut Inn is one of my safe spaces. Great sandwiches, great donuts, amazing coffee — what more could a girl ask for? But the best part is that you can get it all from the comfort of your car because they have a drive-thru. This characteristic gives Donut Inn major bonus points in my book, as the drive-thru is surprisingly quick. However, you still have the option to park and order inside if that’s your prerogative as well. I always get a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich on a toasted everything bagel. The one thing I would say is that the portion is much smaller (or perhaps just normally sized??) compared to its competitors in this list. Also, whenever I taste the bacon, I am always slightly alarmed that it might not be cooked all the way through which is a fear I really only have at Donut Inn. Although, this fear has never once stopped me from ordering it, so maybe that detail is not that important after all. Overall though, they have really good sandwiches. I also love that you can get donuts because I have the biggest sweet tooth and I 100% suggest hazelnut coffee. Additionally, they get even more bonus points for the fact that I went out to pick up breakfast for a friend and myself once that consisted of two breakfast sandwiches, two donuts and two large iced coffees, and only came to be around 12 or 13 dollars. 

Reef Shack – 5/10 (with potential to move up in rank) 

Reef Shack is conveniently located on Reef Road for anyone who lives at the beach or who doesn’t mind driving a little bit further through town to get there, is the newest addition to the breakfast location rotation for my friends and I. Here, I always order their “Jersey Shore” which consists of taylor, ham, scrambled egg and cheese. I jazz it up by adding a hash brown. One of the downsides, like Chef’s Table and Hole in the Wall, you definitely will run into someone you know here. Other than that though, Reef Shack has been a surprisingly reliable favorite and good enough that my friends and I will drive to the Starbucks on Blackrock and then go all the way to Reef Shack – which is the total opposite direction and involves us driving past Fairfield to get there — just because Reef Shack is that good. I am not giving Reef Shack a crazy high score because it’s still on the newer side to me and I need to try it out a few more times before I can rank it as highly as some of the other contenders on the list.

Honorable Mention: Chip’s Family Restaurant 

Anyone who knows me, knows I love pancakes. There was even a period of time this school year where my roommate and I made pancakes at least once a week. Like consistently. Because of this, I felt it was necessary to include a friend-group-favorite: Chip’s Family Restaurant. Located on Tunxis Hill Cut Off, which is right near Blackrock Turnpike, you will find Chip’s. An unassuming-from-the-outside eatery that is ready to provide you with a phenomenal experience the second you sit down. I recommend getting the banana, strawberry and Nutella cakes which combine all of my favorite aspects and components of a breakfast into one. Other great options include the Cinnabun pancakes and the chocolate chip banana pancakes. Chip’s is a sit-down experience and you will not ever be let down here. I highly recommend you go if you have not yet already and if you are not in the mood that day for a breakfast sandwich. 

It is so great that there is no shortage of breakfast options surrounding campus. I can’t wait to explore more breakfast spots around town and the general Fairfield area.


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