Reading is a great way to engulf yourself in a new world with new characters and their individual plots and character arcs. While being entertained by a new setting is fun, sometimes it’s good to have something you can connect yourself with, like a character or a setting in the story. I’ve created a list of some books that are perfect to put you in the spirit of fall and Halloween!

Starting off with an all-time favorite of mine, we have “The Secret History” by Donna Tartt. The story follows Richard Papen, a student at a small New England College who joins a group of Classic studies students. A series of decisions end with their friend Bunny being murdered. The novel exudes a gloomy autumn day and is the epitome of dark academia – kind of a similar aesthetic to the earlier Harry Potter books, but much more mature. It’s not blatantly said that the story takes place in the fall, but it certainly reminds the reader of the season. This novel is great for someone who is looking for a lengthier and more difficult read with an autumn vibe.

For any horror fans out there, I have to recommend “Carrie” by Stephen King. King is considered one of the best horror writers of all time and his books are everywhere. “Carrie” was King’s first published novel and since then, it’s become a cult classic, with films and musicals made of it. The story follows Carrie, a bullied girl in an abusive home who discovers she has telekinetic powers. This isn’t the most terrifying of King’s novels, but it is a classic and has the perfect amount of creepy and unsettling feelings. And if you enjoy the book, there’s a movie to follow after!

“The Silent Patient” is the most recent book I read, and I would recommend it to anyone. The story is about a woman who supposedly kills her husband and then refuses to speak. She’s put through psychological treatment and a doctor who works at the psychiatric hospital tries to uncover her motives behind the murder. I would put this book under the psychological thriller category because while it’s not scary in a ghosts and ghouls kind of way, it makes you question what you’re thinking. It’s a creepy and dark book that talks about murder and different types of illness along with stalker-like obsessions. This book is perfect for someone who prefers to question things and wants a change from the traditional novel. 

By far one of the scariest books I can recommend is “The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer.” Mara Dyer’s sanity crumbles after the death of her father. She hears and sees things that may just be real and coming after her. They even follow her when she flees to Ohio and takes a human form in Noah Shaw, a man she meets in Ohio. This book mixes psychological thriller, horror, romance and mystery all into one, making it perfect for all types of readers. This book is a great Halloween horror and it’s actually a trilogy if you enjoy the book!

All of these books are perfect for all types of people. Horror lovers, psychological thriller lovers, mystery lovers – there’s an option for everyone. While I listed all of my favorites, now is the time for you to make that decision for yourself this fall!

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