The Internet loves memes. I love memes — just ask my roommates. So while most of you spent last night screaming at your TV when the New England Patriots dropped pass after pass and then somehow made a miraculous comeback (Brady is the GOAT), I spent the evening giggling to myself at all of the fresh new memes coming up on my social media feeds — while also screaming at the TV. Since I love spreading joy, I’ve rounded up the best of the best Super Bowl LI-inspired jokes.

As a surprise to pretty much everyone, former President George H. W. Bush and former first lady Barbara Bush made it out to the game for the coin toss … despite being too sick to attend President Donald Trump’s inauguration a few weeks ago.

At halftime, when the Atlanta Falcons were beating the Patriots 21-3, the internet showed no mercy to the losing team, especially quarterback Tom Brady.

Lady Gaga’s brilliant halftime show got some attention, as well …

Then the Patriots made the most amazing comeback in Super Bowl history and beat, like, a million world records. You can’t beat New England.

Go Pats!

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