Summer bucket lists can very easily get out of control …  So, I’m going to keep mine lighthearted, with activities that will get checked off your list. But please, do not worry about needing to hop on a plane or drop money on a hotel. We keep it simple over here, but in a fun, fulfilling way. Read below for some stress-free ideas that are easy to check off that summer bucket list! 

  1. Beach Dayyyyy!!!!

I’m literally heading straight to the beach when this semester is over, and if y’all can, you should too, respectfully. I know it’ll still be spring when we’re out for the summer, but I couldn’t imagine a better way to relax and just take in the feeling of a completed semester with my back on the sand and the crash of the waves putting me to sleep. Honestly, in my opinion, hit the beach before the rest of the schools are out for the summer and it gets crowded! But the beach for sure is number one on my summer bucket list. So, whenever you go, and wherever you go for your beaches, enjoy it. 

  1. Try New Restaurants

I’m assuming most of you have summer jobs, and if not, I don’t know what you’re doing. But with that influx of cash, there’s nowhere better to spend it than eating good this summer. No hate to The Tully, everyone there does a great job and I couldn’t be more thankful to them for feeding me throughout the school year. But by the end of the semester, I need to force The Tully food down my throat—in the nicest way possible. So, back to the bucket list. Basically, eat all the food you can this summer and explore those restaurants that you’ve always seen and been curious about. 

  1. Trip with Friends: 

If you and your friends are close enough in distance, you need to see each other at least once. We’re out of school for about four months. That’s crazy!! It’s a long time to go without seeing the people you see daily. So, plan that trip you talked about the whole school year. Or, just go to their house and chill for a day. Anything you feel like doing with your friends is worth it. 

  1. Get a Tattoo… 

One of my friends has been itching to get a tattoo. She wants something that represents Colombia: her culture and background. So, this summer we’re going to head off to a tattoo parlor and get that done. And I encourage everyone else to take advantage of the time off to try something new and daring as well. Of course, it doesn’t have to be a tattoo. It can be as simple as trying out a new style of clothing. But there’s no better time to do it, than during the summer. You have the freedom and in turn, you should feel free. Free to explore your identity and more!

  1. Read a Book:

Just read a book. Simple, but both pleasurable and important. I really feel that books can keep your brain from turning into mush. Sure, take those few first weeks off of school to veg-out with new shows and movies, but then incorporate a book into your schedule. It’s an easy way to passively learn, and it’s also just fun. 

  1. Meet New People:

Lastly, when I asked one of the students I tutor what she wants to do the most over the summer, she said “Get a boyfriend.” Girl … But she’s not wrong. Try to meet new people who bring happiness into your life. Talk to everyone, make new friends and then make new experiences with those people. Just do it carefully. I feel like half the time, boyfriends are not worth the trouble. 

Please do not feel the need to do everything on the bucket list presented here—as I sense it could make some family members unhappy. However, do try to enjoy your summer in any way you see fit, whether you lay out at the beach or get that tattoo you were on the fence about. Just make sure to have fun this summer, school will literally be here before you know it and I know you’ll be moving on to the next issue of The Mirror. See you then! 

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