Stag Cards are used all across campus, with its currency accepted at Dunkin, the Stag Snack Bar, the Levee and the Stag Spirit Shop. However, many students fail to realize that Stagbucks can be used at a large variety of places off-campus, too. This includes cute boutiques, unbeatable bites, full-on grocery stores and more. The opportunities to venture out and spend Stagbucks are endless. 

The Tully food can get very repetitive, very quickly. Although there are other options for eating on campus, there is admittedly still a lack of variety. Luckily, just two Stag Bus stops away, there are plenty of other eating options to fulfill any hunger level. The beauty of downtown Fairfield shall be revealed to University students, encouraging them to switch up their day-to-day dining and leisure habits.

Colony Grill:

Colony Grill is a town’s favorite pizza joint for not only Fairfield students but anyone browsing the area. Right on the stretch of downtown and conveniently close to the off-campus bookstore, Colony Grill serves oven-cooked, one-of-a-kind pizza pies, with guests seated within booth and bar atmospheres. In addition, they are popular for their build-your-own pizza, with endless toppings options ranging from pepperoni to mushrooms, cherry peppers and classic cheese.   

Firehouse Deli:

At the corner across from Colony Grill stands Firehouse Deli, which is an outside eatery that offers an extensive menu of sandwiches. Customers can grab a hot bite like their chicken parm panini or a steak and cheese sub. Or even better, order a Stag popular, the Fairfield U panini which is topped with grilled chicken, avocado, bacon, pepper jack cheese and chipotle mayo. 

If that doesn’t interest you, you can also find plenty of cold sandwiches too, like tuna salad or a classic BLT. In addition, salads are also up for grabs, as well as black angus burgers and a side of fries, chili or a bag of chips! The service is fast and the food is spectacular. 

Playa Bowls:

Are you in the mood for a refreshing smoothie bowl or fresh-pressed juice? Hit up Playa Bowls! Down the stretch of road behind the Sacred Heart University Community Theatre sits this beachy joint. With both indoor and outdoor seating, visitors can enjoy healthy and delicious in one place. Playa Bowls serves customers smoothies, juices, bowls and coffees. As far as their most popular menu item, their bowls have a large range of different bases: Acai, Coconut, Banana, Pitaya, Oatmeal or Green (a mix of protein, fiber, iron and vitamins) Within these flavors, you’ll find varying tastes like hints of peanut butter, while others have a more tropical touch or chocolatey notes. Playa Bowls is perfect for an after-workout snack, midday pick-me-up or anything in between.

Aside from these three places, several other eateries accept Stagbucks as a form of payment like Domino’s Pizza, Jersey Mike’s and Duchess. 

Even though meals and snacks take priority, various stores accept Stagbucks as well. From small boutiques to grocery stores to pharmacies, there are an abundance of off-campus stores that accept Stag Cards as a method of payment.

Stop & Shop:

Stop & Shop is a very widely known grocery store, as it includes every item you may need, whether that be a quick snack, a full meal, hygienic products, clothing, books or even flowers. Stop & Shop is the penultimate stop the Stagbus makes before returning to campus, so it is very easy to access. Considering the wide range of items offered, it is definitely worth the trip. 

Apricot Lane:

Located right on Post Road, like many other businesses, Apricot Lane is a small clothing and jewelry boutique. The clothes are extremely trendy, which is a huge seller for most Fairfield students. They sell all types of jeans: skinny, straight-legged, ripped, bell-bottoms, you name it. They also sell super cute jackets, small tops, oversized tops, dresses, long sweaters, cropped sweaters and shoes. Their jewelry usually features stones and is of the utmost quality. Plus, Fairfield students earn a 15% discount with each purchase, so why not treat yourself to a new item of clothing!

CVS Pharmacy:

The final Stag Bus stop, CVS pharmacy, is a classic visit for Fairfield University students. Did you run out of shampoo? Do you need some 5-Hour Energy for late-night studying or a pack of granola bars for early-morning Rex-Plex visits? Head over to CVS. It is the retail store of every college student’s dreams and, like Stop & Shop, has just about anything you could ever need. Additionally, Rite Aid, a pharmacy similar to CVS, accepts Stagbucks as well.

Wholefoods Market and our downtown University bookstore are both two other options to spend Stag currency. 

Our beautiful downtown area holds an extreme variety of options that exceed more than the Tully and on-campus university bookstore. With the Stagbus being so accessible, why not try these new and fascinating places of leisure? With friends or alone, they truly add to a fantastic college experience.


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