I am feeling so inspired by Coachella right now. I’m sure if you see me around campus you can’t really tell because the end of the semester has turned me into a sleepy monster who lives in joggers… but nevertheless I am feeling very inspired. FOMO (fear of missing out) doesn’t really apply to my life anymore (read more in the upcoming edition of The Point!). I love seeing what other people are up to, but have also become pretty secure in my life, and while most people turn away from Instagram during Coachella due to an influx of festival season posts, I tend to gravitate towards it more than usual.

One of my oldest friends attended Coachella this weekend and in my opinion, she was the best dressed there. Everyday she surprised her near 5,000 followers with perfect looks. You can check them out @hannahbucknam on Instagram. My favorite look of hers was a two-piece sheer neon orange bell bottom outfit. She styled it with a simple gold cross necklace and a hairstyle inspired by the 1970s and Kendall Jenner. She really worked on her looks and the outcome was amazing.

My favorite celebrities really showed up this year in terms of fashion. One of my favorite looks was Emma Chamberlain’s day one look. She wore the coolest pants with black and white doodles on them, a chain belt, a black shirt that tied in the front, and black embellished slim sunnies. My favorite part of this look were her adorable pink hair bobbles. I’m super into hair accessories right now and will definitely be on the lookout for ones like hers. I also loved the Dolan Twins day one looks. They got Louis Vuitton to dress them for the entire weekend and I think I can speak for all of us when I say we are here for it. Ethan wore Louis Vuitton blue, black, and white pants that I am obsessed with. Ethan also killed it on day three with a light blue monochromatic look. A few of my other favorite celebrity looks were Anastasia Karanikolaou or “Stassi” on instagram’s monochromatic purple look. I love how she perfectly matched a simple purple dress with Jordan Air Force 1’s and accessorized with a sleek embellished fanny pack. Charlotte Lawrence rocked an awesome two-piece blue camo set, a natural face of makeup and high socks. The last look I loved was Shay Mitchell’s look that really took us back to the festival’s hay days of bohemian vibes and cowboy aesthetic.

Separate from specific looks, some trends I loved during Coachella this year were neon sets and accessories, and hair accessories like barrettes, bobbles and dreadlock beads. I also loved how some attendees went a little trendier this year. I love the traditional boho looks too, but street style owns my heart. If you ask me, we will be seeing a lot of inspiration from Coachella at this year’s Clam Jam and across campus.

Coachella, I’ll see you in 2 years.

All my love,

Eleanor Davis

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