Picture this. It is a beautiful Sunday afternoon, and you are standing on Jennings Beach at a food truck festival. Tell me that does not sound like a dream come true and I will 100 percent call you a liar. I was lucky enough to get to attend the Food Truck Festival on Sunday, Oct. 3 which was hosted in benefit of the Fairfield Public Library. 

Since there were about 15 trucks there, I didn’t get to try food from all of them. However, I tried to get to as much as I could and I was able to enlist my friends to sample some as well and hear their opinions on it. 

Besides just the trucks, one of the things that we enjoyed the most at the festival was the sense of enthusiasm and great vibes, and the fun that people were having. There were a ton of people there, and because it was outside on a nice day it felt very festive! Senior Nora Connery described the feeling, “I loved the community feel and getting to be there with my friends.”

The first thing we saw when we arrived was the adorable Cafe Piccolo cart. This is a full coffee shop with espresso machines and special drinks, all on the back of a little cart. We got an iced latte with almond milk and an iced mocha, and they were so good! 

“I loved walking in and seeing the coffee truck! It was the perfect way to start my food truck experience! The latte I got rocked and I can’t wait to book them at an event,” concluded Ally Tremblay, ‘22. 

They also had the cutest speaker playing old Italian music and it really made a great atmosphere all around the truck, while we all pretended we were waiting in line for coffee in Italy. It is amazing to me that they can make such high quality coffee from anywhere and I would definitely go back to Cafe Piccolo next time I saw them! 

One of the trucks that I enjoyed the most is actually one that is incredibly familiar to Fairfield students; Fork in the Road. Ever since the introduction of having food trucks come to campus as a dining option last fall, Fork in the Road has been one of the most frequent visitors to campus. However, I have not been able to visit the truck on campus, so I was super excited for the chance to try it at the festival. We tried the chicken pesto grilled cheese, the cuban sandwich and the loaded tater tots. Of course all of it was good for sure, but the loaded tater tots will live forever in my mind. They had pulled pork, cheese and bacon on them! It’s definitely not a healthy choice but still absolutely delicious. This was the perfect kind of food for this event and I really enjoyed how they had a variety of options! 

Another one of the options at the festival that was super popular was a truck called Weenie Lynn’s. This truck had specialty hot dogs and the line was about 40 people long when we got there, which was the best indicator of it’s high ratings. We got a couple of different things at this truck as well including chili fries, a spicy hot dog and one of the more traditional ones. The food was great, and the more ‘out there’ versions of something so traditional like a hot dog were super fun to try. This truck was great and it remained really popular at the fair the whole time that we were there! 

There were so many trucks that we didn’t have the chance to try but all of the ones that we got to try were amazing. This was such a great event and a perfect idea for a fundraiser for the library. In terms of things to do with your friends on a Sunday afternoon, this was a top-notch choice and we all had so much fun!


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